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WAS PTO Clothing Sale
Fall, 2016 Sale Dates: Friday, September 30th & Saturday, October 1st
Spring, 2017 Sale Dates: Friday, March 10th & Saturday, March 11th
Clothing Sale
  • Friday Night Sale Hours: 6 – 9pm
    • NO children under 10 years old
    • NO strollers are allowed
  • Saturday Morning Sale Hours: 8 – 11am
    • White ticket items are ½ off
Seller Check-In
  • Thursday Evening of Sale Week Drop Off Hours: 6 – 9pm
  • Friday Morning of Sale Drop Off Hours: 8 – 9:30am
  • Items at drop off will be inspected to ensure items meet the regulations stated below.
Seller Pick-Up
  • Saturday Afternoon Pick Up Hours: 3-4pm
  • ALL ITEMS must be picked up by 4 P.M. on Saturday.
  • Sellers who do not pick up their items will have a deduction of 10% of your total sales from your check.
  • The items not picked up will become the property of Western Avenue PTO
  • If you are unable to pick up at this time, please make arrangements with a family member, friend or neighbor to have them pick up for you.
Seller Notes
Sale Item Regulations
  • For the Fall Clothing Sale: 
    • Only Fall and Winter clothes will be accepted for the sale.
    • Costumes, Coats, Snow Pants/Bibs, Snow Boots and Hats/Mittens will be accepted.
  • For the Spring Clothing Sale:
    • Only Spring and Summer clothes will be accepted for the sale.
    • Swimwear and swim type apparel will be accepted.
  • We will only accept clothing in EXCELLENT condition and purchased within the last 2-3 years. 
  • Jeans are always accepted at both Fall and Spring sales.
  • Junior clothes, through size 5, must be brand name and in excellent condition.
    • All junior clothes will be gone through at check-in.
  • We will accept formal junior dresses and children's dresses and suits.
  • Girls' dance or gymnastics wear is also accepted.
  • Items that are stained, torn, or more than 2-3 years old WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
    • All zippers must zip and no missing buttons are allowed.
    • Our lighting has been updated in the gym and stains are very visible to our shoppers. They WILL NOT purchase these types of items and such items only take away from customers seeing more sellable garments.
  • We will only accept NEW gym shoes and only “LIKE NEW” other shoes.
    • Winter and/or Rain boots will be accepted.
  • Please CLEAN all baby items such as high chairs, exersaucers, swings, bouncy chairs, booster seats, etc.
  • Please seal items such as puzzles, games, lego and toy sets so that they do not get misplaced or separated.
Unacceptable Items
  • NO underwear
  • NO t-shirts or jersey's with printing of child's name
  • NO stuffed animals, musical dolls or stuffed or cloth-like dolls
  • NO baby or kids bedding
    • Includes comforters, sheet sets, pillows, or blankets
  • NO room décor items
    • This includes curtains, lamps, pictures, or other room decorating items.
  • NO used baby or toddler feeding items
    • This includes bottles, sippy cups, utensils, bowls, plates and bibs.
  • NO breast pumps or any associated parts
  • NO expired car seats or car seats with a manufacture date over 7 years. All car seats will be inspected by a Clothing Sale Committee Member.
  • NO party products or other paper goods.
  • NO diaper genies or potty chairs
  • NO bath items
  • NO grab bags comprised of toys or school supplies
  • NO Happy Meal toys
  • NO VHS tapes
  • This list is not all inclusive and is subject to review or inspection by a Clothing Sale Committee member.
Sale Item Tagging
  • Sale Tags
    • White Tags
      • Friday: Items sell for Full Price
      • Saturday: Items sell for ½ Price
      • Prices on these tags must be DIVISIBLE by 2!
    • Yellow Tags
      • Friday & Saturday: Items sell for Full Price
    • When attaching the sale tag to your item(s), please ensure the safety pin or clear packing tape is attached to the LEFT of the PERFORATION.
      • This allows the cashiers to tear off the right side of the tag which is used to tally the seller totals
      • This speeds up the checkout process for the cashiers, especially on Friday night
    •  Please write clearly your seller number, size (numerical only), description and price ON BOTH the left and right side of the perforation
    • You will need to provide your own hangers for selling clothing. 
  • Clothing
    • The tag should be pinned to the clothing item.
    • The pin should be on the left side of the tag and attached to the right side of the clothing item.
    • The clothing item should be hung so that the hook of the hanger faces left.
    • Pants and Jeans should be hung by safety pins on the upper part of the hanger.
    • Item sizes should be based on the current “size” of the item. 
      • In some cases, the items may be smaller due to washing and the size should reflect such changes.
    • Please ONLY use numerical sizing, for example size 4 or 6
      • DO NOT size using “S – Small”, “M – Medium”, “L – Large”
      • Our racks are sorted based on numerical sizes
    • Please see picture examples below:
      • Shirts/Sweaters/Jackets/Sweatshirts
      • Jeans/Pants/Shorts
  • Shoes
    • Please double knot tie the shoes or place them in a clear bag to keep the pair together
    • The tag can be pinned to the shoe tongue or to the shoelaces
      • If the shoes are in a clear bag, please use clear tape to attach the left side of the tag to the bag. The right side of the tag (at the perforation) needs to be free for check-out.
    • See picture example below:
  • Toys and Books
    • Attach the seller tag by using clear tape
    • The tape should be attached to the toy/book with tape on the left side of the tag, not covering the perforation.
    • See picture example below:

  • No time to tag your items? Please consider donating your items to the sale. 
  • 100% of the proceeds will benefit Western Avenue School.
    • This helps fund smartboards, PE equipment, new library books or furniture, field trips, roller skates and MUCH more.
  • Bins are provided at school for Clothing Sale donations.
    • Please put your donations in plastic bags prior to depositing in our donation bins.
  • Donation bins will be available by the gym door entrance #7 .
Remember, we want your items to sell as much as you do and through our experience we have a good eye as to what will sell and what will not. We appreciate your providing us with quality items year after year for our shoppers!