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Lunch Prices

 Without Milk: $2.10 With Milk: $2.60 Milk Only: $0.50 Entree Only: $1.65
 Lunch menus may change without any notice. 

PushCoin for Lunch Payments

Harrison Street School uses PushCoin, a computerized debit system for lunch purchases. All students at HSS have a debit account and this is used to purchase milk, lunch or both. Our students pay for their lunch and/or milk by having their thumb scanned or debiting the amount from their account. 

PushCoin allows parents to deposit money into their account online with a check or credit/debit card. To deposit money online for the first time, you will need your child's ID number. If you do not know his/her ID number, please call the office at 630-463-3300.
How do I put money into the debit account?Go to Follow the on-line directions to make a credit card or check deposit to your students debit account.

How will I know when to add more money?You can set your account up to notify you by email when your child's account drops below a certain threshold.
What happens to money that is on my child's account at the end of the year?Any money still in a debit account will automatically roll into the next grade level with your child. If you wish to receive the money back at the end of the school year, simply write a letter to Geneva CUSD asking for a refund.
 If you have any questions, please call the school office at 630-463-3300.
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