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Student Schedule

Along with their academic subjects, students have a 30 minute special four times a week and a 60 minute special one time per week. 30 minute specials consist of music and PE. Art is the 60 minute special. In addition, students will have library and computer lessons.


All students take a 15 minute recess determined by their academic schedule. The recess is typically 15 minutes in length. In inclement weather, students may have an indoor recess for their lunch and classroom recess. During this time, students return to their classrooms and play with the treasures hidden in the teachers’ cabinets. A classroom recess may become an indoor recess or the classroom teacher may just continue with the day’s lessons. Students must be appropriately dressed for the weather. Winter wear is expected. We will go outside as long as the temperature is above 0 degrees with the wind chill.


Students are given a 45 minute lunch. It is designed to be 20 minutes for recess and 25 minutes for eating. The current menu is always available on our website. Students may purchase a “hot meal” or bring a sack lunch from home. Students may purchase a milk or water for a fee regardless of whether or not they purchase the “hot meal”. There are two lines for purchasing, one for beverages only, and one for the “hot meal”.

Students pay for their lunch through an electronic thumb scan system. Parents deposit funds in their account either electronically or by submitting funds to Harrison Street School. All students will have their thumbs scanned on the first day of the school year. New students will have their thumbs scanned on the first day. For all students, there are lunchroom supervisors to assist with student needs and supervise the environment. Students return with their coats etc. to the lunchroom after recess as there is not time nor personnel to escort and assist with the dressing process.
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