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Our grading system and PE curriculum are aligned with both the Illinois State Goals as well as the National Standards for Physical Education.  Student assessment covers all three learning domains:  cognitive, affective and psychomotor.  Progress Reports are sent home on a trimester schedule.  Currently, students in grades K-5 are assessed in four areas: 
  1. Competency in Motor Skills
  2. Understanding of Movement Concepts
  3. Responsible Personal & Social Behavior
  4. Effort & Participation


There are one of three marks that students will receive in each of these areas. They are as follows:
  • Demonstrates Consistency - (proficiently demonstrates a skill, knowledge, behavior or participation)
  • Demonstrates Progress - (adequately demonstrates a skill, knowledge, behavior or participation) 
  • Area for Improvement - (rarely demonstrates a skill, knowledge, behavior or participation)
    How are students graded?
    Demonstrates competency in motor skills:
    • Teacher observations
    • Skill assessment rubrics
    • Video analysis
    Demonstrates an understanding of moving concepts:
    • Checks for understanding throughout the lesson
    • Exit Slips
    • Observation of students during activities
    Demonstrates responsible personal and social behavior:
    • Following rules, directions, and procedures
    • Using the problem solving table successfully
    • Collecting behavior data from the "Class Dojo"
    Demonstrates effort and participation:
    • Has appropriate footwear and clothes
    • Consistent effort and participation throughout the lesson
    • Reaches target for pedometers
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