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Welcome to P.E. with Coach T! 
This is the officaial website for Western Avenue physical education.



What's up in PE? 

Kindergarten- 2nd (updated 1/28): 

 Hockey Skills

Fitness Concepts 

3rd-5th Grade (updated 1/28):


Fitness Concepts 

Goal Setting 

About Me 

Welcome to the 2019- 2020 school year! My name is Mr. Teti-Teal, or as the students call me, Coach T. I am a Northern Illinois university graduate. I have my bachelors in physical education and health education. Prior to coming to District 304, I worked two years in district U-46.   I am very excited to continue my career as the physical education teacher at Western Avenue. The goal of my physical education program is to teach life long wellness by engaging students in psychomotor, affective, and cognitive learning. Most of all, I aspire to bring students enjoyment through physical education. It is my firm belief that students who learn to enjoy physical activity will become all around healthy adults. I look forward to getting to know your child this upcoming school year! 



I have three very simple rules in my gym. Be safe, be kind, and work hard. Safety is essential in the gym.  My main goal is to keep all students in my gym safe.  In order to accomplish this, expectations are set early and will be enforced.  For the safest environment, students are expected to keep their hands to themselves, maintain spatial awareness, and look in the direction they are moving. Students are expected to be kind in the gym as well. Students will interact with others appropriately, share equipment, and be respectful when others are talking. Working hard will also be demonstrated in the gym by students working to the best of their abilities and being prepared everyday to participate in P.E.

Fun Facts!

I have a third degree black belt in taekwondo.
Country music is what I listen to the most.
My favorite super hero is Captain America.
 I have three dogs: Lady, Abby, and Ava. 
The Chicago Cubs are and always will be my favorite baseball team.


Weekly P.E. Schedule
 Time  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
 8:10-8:40 2G2F 3P 2G 2F 
 8:40-9:10 3T 3K 3K 3T 3P
 9:15-9:45 5P 5T 1W 5P 5T
 9:45-10:15 1F 1L 5A 1F 5A
 4K 4K 4L 1L 1W
 10:45-11:15 4V KM KM 4V 4L
 11:20-11:50 KJ KH KJ KH 

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