Geneva School District 304 News Article

A Followup Letter From Principal Tom Rogers

Sept. 19, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians of Geneva High School Students,

I would like to provide another update to you regarding the unfortunate incident that occurred at Geneva High School on Monday, and also to share additional information about the accident that occurred over the weekend.

Sadly, we have been informed that Daine Rice-Picasso, GHS Class of 2017, passed away as a result of an automobile accident that occurred in Central Illinois last weekend. We understand that this news will be troubling to our students. Please encourage your child to seek assistance in the days to come if they are in need. This information will be shared with all GHS students on Wednesday, Sept. 20.

Regarding the incident that took place at Geneva High School on Monday, please be aware of the following interventions that were made available to all students today:

  • Our Student Services staff (which consists of counselors, psychologists and social workers) from across the District continued to be available throughout the school day for all GHS students. These resources will continue to be available for students as long as needed.
  • We had Student Services teams visiting classrooms throughout the day to help students process the events of the last several days by sharing a consistent message with them and then offering additional help in the Counseling & Advising office.
  • David Flood of Top Youth Speakers delivered the presentation “The Lost Arts of Dignity, Respect, and Compassion” to all GHS students in grade-level assemblies today. His message was heard by every student who was in school today. Mr. Flood framed his discussion around the recent events, and we provided an introduction to the presentation, which included information about how students could access our Student Services team. I would encourage you to discuss today’s presentation with your son or daughter.
Please know these additional resources are available:
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Geneva School District 304 Community Resources

Please keep everyone impacted by these incidents in your thoughts and prayers.

If you have any questions regarding any of this information, please feel free to contact me at 630-463-3805 or [email protected].

Tom Rogers, Principal
Geneva Community High School

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