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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Teacher Strike
 Frequently Asked Questions: 
Will schools be open to students if the work stoppage takes place beginning Tuesday, Dec. 4?
A. All school buildings
will be closed to Geneva students.
Q. How
will I find out information about the closures?  
A. We
will continue to share information on our District and school websites, 304 Connects email, emergency notification system, and social media accounts. If you are a parent or guardian of a Geneva 304 student, be sure that your contact information is up to date in Home Access Center.
Q. If a school is closed for more than one day, how often
will I receive communication? 
A. Parents can expect daily communication during a school closure. We also
will be in contact with you once school resumes.  
Q. What about transportation?
A. Transportation routes
will not be operating during a work stoppage.

Q. What about school athletic practices or games?
A. All school-related athletic practices or games
will be canceled.
Q. What about school clubs, activities or field trips?
A. All school-related clubs, activities or field trips
will be canceled. Rescheduled events would be determined after the conclusion of a work stoppage.
Q. What about athletic practices or games for non-school clubs, such as feeder sports?
A. Athletic practices and games
will be canceled for non-school clubs.  
Will students in the Fox Valley Career Center still attend their program?
A. Yes, the students
will still attend the Fox Valley Career Center and receive transportation according to the usual schedule.
Q. What if my child attends a Mid-Valley Special Education Cooperative program or is enrolled in a therapeutic day placement?
A. Students enrolled in a specific Mid-Valley Special Education Cooperative program or therapeutic day placement
will still attend school in both Geneva CUSD 304 and other locations, as regularly scheduled. This includes: Little Hands/Little Voices at FES, New Pathways at FES, ABLE at MCS, New Pathways at GMSS, ELS at GHS, and New Pathways at GHS. Transportation would still be provided by Geneva School District or Spare Wheels. If your student is sick or absent during this time, families will need to follow the standard procedures when calling in an absence. Further information will be shared directly with these families from Student Services Director Anne Giarrante. 
Will before- and after-school programs be open?
A. Before- and after-school programs for students
will be canceled; however, programs for adults will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the organizing body.  
Will Kids’ Zone be open?
A. Kids’ Zone
will not operate in our buildings. Further information will be provided directly to Kids’ Zone families from the Geneva Park District.
Will Friendship Station (the Park District Preschool) be open?
A. Yes, the Park District preschool program
will be open and operate out of their location at Geneva Middle School South. 
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