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Online Learning Option for 2nd Semester

Notice to families of GHS students regarding the online-only learning option for the Spring 2021 semester

December 20, 2020

Dear GHS Parent/Guardian,
Please be reminded, if you are contemplating a change to your child’s learning model (in-person/hybrid or online-only) for second semester, you must do so by 11:45 p.m. on Wednesday night, December 9th, by completing the survey that was emailed on November 30th and December 8th. If you are not making a change to your child’s current situation, there is nothing for you to do.
But for all students choosing the online-only learning option for second semester, below is information about the limited number of courses that may be available for the spring semester.   It is possible that a couple of additional courses could be added to this document as planning continues.
Core/Elective Courses for students who select the online-only learning option for Spring 2021
The table below explains the limited number of core/elective courses we plan to offer at each grade level for the spring semester.  The plan is for these courses to be taught remotely by a GHS teacher.

Social Studies 
World Language
English 1
Algebra 1
Team Sports
Earth Science
World History
Spanish 1, 2, 3
Personal Finance
English 2
Algebra 1B
Personal Fitness
US History
French TBA
English 3
Lifetime Fitness
German TBA
English 4
Algebra 2
Contemporary World Issues
English Elective TBA

Just as there are student scheduling conflicts in our regular GHS schedule, there may be student scheduling conflicts in the online-only schedule as well.  In the event of scheduling conflicts and/or low course enrollment, we may need to modify the courses being offered or the method of course delivery.
 Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer the honors curriculum in these courses, as we do not have enough teachers available to teach every course on-line while we teach it in person every day.
 Advanced Placement (AP) courses for students who selected the online-only learning option for Spring 2021
 The District 304 online-only learning option for the high school also does not include any AP courses.  However, we know that AP courses are valued by both students and parents as important learning experiences.   We have identified an option that may provide the ability for your son or daughter to take the AP course that they originally selected for the Spring 2021 semester.
 There are several online providers of AP coursework, and we have received permission from the school district to reimburse families up to $250 towards the semester cost of each AP course if they enroll through an online provider.  Reimbursement would be provided under the following circumstances: 
  • The AP course is the same course that the student signed up to take at GHS for the Spring 2021 semester. 
  • The GHS process for the pre-approval of external credits has been completed.  This process is outlined on the Counseling & Advising webpage: . This process can be done via email.
  • The family submits a payment receipt from the online course provider that identifies both the student, course, and transaction date.  This should be submitted to Sue Perry ([email protected])  in the Counseling & Advising Office no later than Monday, March 1, 2021.
  • Note:  For students who were online-only for the Fall 2020 semester and enrolled in an online AP course, the second semester of the AP course will be reimbursed using the same criteria.  However, a second course-approval process is NOT required for the second semester of the same course.
As stated above, there are several online providers of AP coursework, including the following: 
Examples of online AP course providers:
Apex Learning Virtual School
Brigham Young University
Florida Virtual School
Illinois Virtual School
Johns Hopkins University
University of Nebraska
GHS does not endorse any particular course provider, and it is the responsibility of each family to investigate the accreditation status and instructional approach of a specific course provider.  Not all providers offer all courses.  Additionally, some online courses are not approved by the NCAA for the purposes of satisfying requirements for potential college athletes.  If you are interested in pursuing an online AP course, families are encouraged to identify a course provider that they are comfortable with and begin the GHS pre-approval process for external credit.
Other external online courses for students who selected the online-only learning option for Spring 2021
While every effort will be made to provide the desired online courses to students for second semester, this may not always be possible.  We will work with students individually to generate a plan on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions about this process, please contact your child’s school counselor.
 Thank you again for your patience. We are doing our best to manage a very unique and difficult situation.
 Tom Rogers, Principal
 Geneva Community High School 
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