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Additional Information on School Guidance
Jan. 10, 2022

As shared in our last communication, the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois State Board of Education released a statement that they are aligning their guidance for school settings with the recently released CDC guidance.  We anticipate additional updates and are closely monitoring these developments as we work to maximize in-person learning for students in a safe as possible environment. We remain committed to keeping our school community updated as we move forward with any changes.

What are the current practices?
We have received questions regarding school exclusion. Given the increase in COVID cases, our nursing offices will not be able to reach out to each family individually. Given that, we would like to share important information with our school community. Below is a link to our current protocols for what to do if your child is sick, has tested positive for COVID, or is a close contact to an individual who has COVID. Please take the time to click on the link below and carefully read any sections that pertain to your family’s situation. The information is not inclusive of all situations but is a helpful resource.
Click here if your child is sick, tests positive, or is a close contact.

Remember to call your school’s attendance line if:    
  • Your child is sick (vaccinated or unvaccinated)
  • Your child is unvaccinated and there is a pending test in the household not taken within 48 hours of symptom onset
  • Your child has tested positive for COVID-19
  • Your unvaccinated child is a close contact to a confirmed case (in the home, outside the home in the community, or at school)
When you call your child’s attendance line please tell them the following: student name, student grade, reason for absence including symptoms, if your child is positive give the date of symptom onset and date of test, if your child is a close contact give the date of the last exposure and your child’s vaccination status.

Please continue to look for additional information from us via 304Connects. Thank you for your continued partnership in our efforts to maximize in-person learning.  

— Geneva CUSD 304
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