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Students Achieve Honors at 2019-20 WordMasters Challenge: Meet 1

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Jan. 22, 2020

Each year, students across Geneva CUSD 304 participate in a national vocabulary competition involving nearly 125,000 participants. The WordMasters Challenge™ is an exercise in critical thinking that holds three meets each year.

The following are students who have been recognized from the first meet of the 2019-20 WordMasters Challenge™ program. 


Geneva Middle School North: The eighth-grade team scored an impressive 183 points out of a possible 200, placing fifth in the nation. Competing in the difficult Blue Division, eighth-graders Ava Bahnline, Adrian Gear and Jack Riviere achieved outstanding results in the first meet of the year.

About WordMasters Challenge™

The WordMasters Challenge™ program is administered by a company based in Indianapolis, which is dedicated to inspiring high achievement in American schools. Further information is available at the company’s website:

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