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Modular Classroom FAQs
The Geneva Board of Education recently approved the submission of a letter of intent to purchase a refurbished modular classroom unit for Geneva High School. We have compiled this FAQ to help answer many of the questions our community members might have about the installation of such a unit.

Beyond these FAQs, additional information about the plans for a modular unit can be found in the Superintendent’s recommendation to the Board of Education regarding the GHS Space/Schedule Studies. Additionally, we encourage community members to sign up to receive our email notifications to stay informed on this topic and others affecting our school district and community. Prior to every Board meeting, we send out a preview of major agenda items called “On the Table.” We also send out a recap of each meeting called “For the Record.” Detailed information can always be found in the Board meeting minutes on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need more space at GHS? Is enrollment up?

Current enrollment exceeds the building's capacity and as program options increase for our students, so does the need for instructional space. Some of the increased program options at GHS are due to state mandates and others are due to our commitment to providing innovative courses that can prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow. While enrollment is currently stable, it is expected to grow steadily over the next ten years. Extra classrooms provided by a temporary modular unit will allow us to provide more and better programming options for our students over the next few years.

Why modular? Are there other options? Why can’t we just renovate the current building?

A modular unit is the most financially responsible option to meet an immediate need for more space. After conducting two extensive scheduling and space studies at GHS, we looked at various options for optimizing space in the current building. One of those options was to renovate the current building by reconfiguring walls and turning existing hallways and stairwells into classrooms. Besides being more than twice the cost of a modular unit, our facilities team was concerned that such renovations would hamper system efficiencies (heating/cooling, etc.) and interfere with long-term plans to build a final addition onto GHS in the future.

How much is this going to cost?

The cost of a refurbished modular unit is between $482,000 and $500,000. The district will be able to recoup part of this cost by re-selling the unit when it is no longer needed. To compare, renovations to GHS that would provide similar space would cost well over $1 million and could potentially cost the district more when it is time to construct a permanent addition.

How big is the modular unit?

The unit we are looking to acquire is approximately 6,048 square feet. It contains six classrooms and two restrooms.

Where is the modular unit going to be installed?

It would be installed on the existing blacktop where the Coultrap Elementary School playground used to be. See below.

When will the modular unit be installed?

The goal is to have the unit installed in time for the start of the 2016-17 school year.

How is this going to affect the look and feel of the neighborhood surrounding GHS?

Minimally. In consideration of GHS’ neighbors, we have paid special attention to the aesthetics of a temporary modular classroom. The unit will be installed close to GHS and away from the street in an area surrounded by mature trees. Additional landscaping will be added around the unit to make it aesthetically pleasing and to help it blend into the landscape of the community.

What are we going to do to solve the need for more space at GHS in the long-term?

Enrollment studies show that GHS will eventually need to accommodate 2500 students. A final addition is planned for GHS that would address this need, but we are still about ten years away from this huge undertaking. A temporary modular classroom will gives us the time we need to thoughtfully plan an excellent addition, while meeting a current need for more instructional space.

Please contact the Facilities Department (630-463-3020) for questions not addressed here.