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A Message from Geneva 304 Superintendent
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March 18, 2020
We are truly grateful for your patience and support as we have worked to navigate these initial days of this school closure. As this situation has evolved, we’ve gained some clarity from the state, and we are reaching out to you today to provide you with some updates regarding our plans for the days ahead.    
First, it’s important to provide you with some context regarding Act of God days. This is a little confusing because the state continues to redefine what an Act of God closure involves. In the past, an Act of God closure meant that the time missed would not be made up. The most recent direction from the state indicates that learning can occur on Act of God days, and that e-learning may be the platform for some learning that takes place. Due to the changing allowance of the state, we have been working to implement our Geneva 304 e-learning plan in an introductory fashion this week and are targeting full implementation beginning next week. Starting Monday, March 23 our teachers will provide learning activities and be available for students on a daily basis during typical school hours.    
It is important to acknowledge that there is no activity that can replace the type of learning that happens when children are in a classroom being supported by a great teacher. However, we also believe that we can and should do our very best to educate and support our students. To that end, we want to communicate some shared understandings with you regarding the goals we have for these learning activities:    
It is important for our teachers to maintain their connection and relationship with students during this extended closure, and these activities will help students and their teachers maintain that connection.    
Sense of Normalcy 
This is a very unusual circumstance that can cause disruption to routine, creating stress and anxiety. While we know this situation is anything but normal, it is our hope that these activities will provide students with some semblance of their normal routine.   
Intellectual Engagement 
One of the most valuable aspects of school is that it provides students with the opportunity to “build their brain muscles” by engaging them in tasks that require some cognitive work. Our goal will be to help kids continue training those muscles.     
Reinforce the Importance of School, Learning, and Content  
We want kids to know that even though we are in this unique situation because we are focused on keeping everyone safe and healthy, we also can’t forget that school and the things they learn in school are important.     
In This Moment, All Any Of Us Can Do Is Our Best
None of us has ever experienced anything like this, and we’re all just doing our best.  We know that as parents you are navigating this unique situation as well as you can, and we hope you know we’re doing the same as we work to support you and our students.  In district we’ve been using the term #GenevaGivesGrace. If we all give each other a little grace and patience and recognize that we’re in this together, we’ll be OK.    
Again, beginning on Monday, March 23 our teachers will provide learning activities and be available for students on a daily basis during typical school hours.    
Please watch for additional information from the district and your child’s teachers as this situation unfolds. You also can reference our page of Frequently Asked Questions regarding these and more topics, which we will continue to update as needed.    
Thank you for partnering with us and for all the grace and patience you’ve provided as we work to support you and our students.           
Dr. Kent Mutchler   
Superintendent of Schools