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A Message of Thanks from the Geneva 304 Board of Education
Message from Board of Education
May 4, 2020
The Geneva 304 Board of Education would like to say Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to our wonderful educators. This week is a chance for district students and families to express their gratitude for the exceptional work of our teachers and staff, and while that may look drastically different this year, the sentiment remains. Geneva schools are not only a place of academic learning; our schools are a place of personal development. Socially and academically, our students learn the life skills of collaboration, creativity and effective communication. This is a direct reflection of the hard work of our staff and teachers. 

This year has presented incredible challenges for the Geneva 304 community. Educators have been faced with the task of recreating a craft many have spent entire careers perfecting. Our students and families have been thrust into a version of self-directed learning that, although a vital part of our District vision, is a departure from the importance of personal connections developed within classrooms central to education. As a Board, we have watched as Geneva teachers and staff have worked tirelessly to make this unexpected transition. Whether it’s through countless professional development sessions created by our instructional coaches, virtual classroom meetings, or connections with individual students to provide an extra layer of instruction, our teachers and staff have demonstrated incredible ingenuity and creativity during this time. Because of this work, our students continue to learn and will return to classrooms that are stronger and even more innovative than when this began. We are grateful for a staff that continues to show commitment and invest in the bright future of our Geneva 304 community.  
Due to the unique circumstances of this COVID-19 crisis, the Board would also like to extend our gratitude to the families of our District. The success of Geneva 304 has always been tied to the student support we see throughout our community. That support has never been more valued and appreciated than it is at this time. Knowing this has been a difficult transition for all involved, our families have shown commitment and support to our academic practices, and we are truly grateful. 

The collaboration throughout our District has never been more evident. At the heart of its success is the hard work of so many talented educators. Our Board would like to kick off Teacher Appreciation Week by sending a huge thank-you to Geneva teachers. We recognize and appreciate the dedication that continues to cultivate an environment of innovative learning for the students of Geneva 304.
The Geneva CUSD 304 Board of Education