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Sixth-Graders Offer up Taste of Culture

June 4, 2019

Stepping into the 6 Blue team center Monday at Geneva Middle School North, the low sounds of Mongolian singing and soft beats of African drums could be heard playing on computers, under the excited chatter of students and the smells of their freshly baked cuisines from around the globe.

This was the second annual Culture Fair led by sixth-grade students which, which according to Language Arts Teacher Mrs. Brenda Engelhardt, is a project that demonstrated students’ skills in research, writing, organization and presentations. 

The cross-curricular project involved assigning students to teams and countries from around the world. Students spent a couple weeks doing research, then writing, organizing and presenting their findings at individual exhibits at the fair itself. Each exhibit displayed a creative poster and additional poster board filled with facts and anecdotes about each country’s language, cuisine, climate and terrain, population, and more. Some tables even included additional clothing, jewelry, or figurines representing their country of origin.

Dressed as airline pilots and runway engineers, teachers directed students through the team center so they could visit every exhibit, learn from their classmates about each country, and get a “stamp” in their “passport.”

Delicious samples of cultural cuisine also were set up in one classroom to offer that extra taste of each country.

Kudos to the 6B team on exercising many components of the District’s Vision: least of all self-directed learning and effective communication!