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Variety Show 2020-2021
You didn't think it'd be cancelled, did you?!
No way will we let COVID hold our talented students back! Let's start this year off right- positive and fun- because....
Are you a dancer or a singer? Do you play an instrument? Can you juggle? Everyone has a special talent. Here's a chance to show off yours! Get a group of friends together or bring your best solo act!!
There will be some major differences in the way we are producing the show this year:
1. The show will be ONLINE (using Teams) no live performances. (Parents must give permission for students to record their acts.)
2. No IN PERSON/AT SCHOOL casting call, practices or rehearsals! (Students will record their own acts/talents in a 3 min (or less) video.)
3. Students in Grades 3 - 5 are invited to show off their talents either as a solo or group act! (We will do our best to squeeze in all acts, but time constraints may limit number of acts)
Please check that the following dates work with your family's schedule: 
Permission Slip (submit to teacher or school office):        January 22   Download the flyer below.
Casting Call (Deadline to turn in your video):                   February 2
Show Night (will be aired live via Teams):                        February 18      6:00-8:00pm
This permission slip MUST be completed and returned to school by January 22 to participate in the ONLINE Variety Show!!

To Be Eligible:
-     The Show is open only to Mill Creek students!(3rd - 5th grades)
-     Students may perform as soloists/individuals or small group acts.
-     Students may perform in only one act,3 min or less recorded on their own (Ex: at home, a dance studio, gym, outside)
 Each student must return a completed and signed Variety Show permission slip (attached) to their teacher by Jan.22,2021.Sorry, no exceptions. PLEASEKEEPTHISSHEET FOR YOUR REFERENCE!
Planning Your Act:
-     Lyrics, costumes, and performances must be compliant with school policy and appropriate for all audiences. Music and performances will be screened for appropriateness.
-     All equipment for the student’s act must be provided by the student when they record on their own. NOTE: school microphones, keyboard, music stands, and any other furniture will NOT be available for use.
-     In place of casting call, your recorded act should be emailed to Dan Medernach: [email protected] by Feb.2nd to participate in the show with your child's name ,classroom/grade and song/act title.
- Most of all, be creative and show off your talent! Unique acts are always appreciated!
 Auditions and Rehearsals
The order of acts will be assigned after completion of the casting call (EMAILED ACT). You will be notified as to which act your child has been assigned before the show is aired on Teams through MCES.
Permission Slip (submit to teacher or school office): Casting Call (Deadline to turn in your video): Show Night (will be aired live via Teams):
January 22 February 2
February 18 – 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Please contact Paula Weisserth at [email protected] or Dan Medernach at [email protected]
Have fun showing off your talent and be sure to keep this sheet for your reference.
Variety Show flyer 2020-21 (2).pdf