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GHS Art Students Receive Scholastic Awards
Feb. 9, 2021

Congratulations to several Geneva High School art students who have received recognition in the annual Scholastic Art Competition.  

“During these uncertain times, as art teachers we have found that students are making art more than ever and have found solace in being able to CREATE!” said GHS Art Teacher Mrs. Megan Kelly. “We were thrilled that the competition continued this year, and we were even more thrilled that so many of our GHS artists were award winners.”  

This year judges received more than 1,700 submissions from 20+ schools in the surrounding districts. GHS faculty will create a slideshow of the following pieces to be displayed on monitors throughout the high school.  Please scroll down to view a photo gallery of the Gold Key Award winning entries.

Gold Key Awards

  • TY Berg: Drawing, “Take Me Home”
  • Scout Fortun: Ceramics, “Grip and Grime”
  • Caroline Hedger: Photography, “Narcissus”
  • Kassidy Keenehan: Photography, “Play Me”
  • Kassidy Keenehan: Painting, “Growing”
  • Kassidy Keenehan: Mixed Media, “The Little Plant”

Silver Key Awards

  • Ty Berg: Drawing, “Genesis”
  • Brendan Coller: Drawing, “Gustav Holst”
  • Kassidy Keenehan: Art Portfolio, “Portraits”
  • Kassidy Keenehan: Painting, “Stepping Out”
  • Alex Ruedel: Photography, “Rues View”
  • Arianna Smith: Photography, “When Soul Leaves Body”
  • Arianna Smith: Photography, “Macabre Visions”
  • Lindsey White: Photography, “The Artist Behind the Mess”

Honorable Mentions

  • Ty Berg: Drawing, “Eye-Opener”
  • Sarah Carter: Photography, “A Dash of Sugar”
  • Brendan Coller: Drawing, “Still Life of French Horn”
  • Scout Fortun: Ceramics, “Bisected”
  • Kassidy Keenehan: Painting, “Linnea”
  • Arthur Maiorella: Photography, “Through The Bars of Joliet Prison”
  • Arthur Maiorella: Photography, “The Last Commuter”
  • Alex Ruedel: Photography, “Mind is Everything”
  • Arianna Smith: Photography, “Somebody Is Watching Me”
  • Lindsey White: Drawing, “Black Sheep”