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for Harrison Street Elementary School

Office Assignments
 Principal Mrs. Brenna Westerhoff  
 Student Assistance Coordinator Ms. Dawn Gargano  
 Secretaries Mrs. Tracey Pankow
Mrs. Cathy Isaacson
Principal's Secretary
Building Secretary
 Nurses Mrs. Leah Stevens
Mrs. Andrea Low
 District Nurse
 Building Nurse
 Grade Level Assignments
 Kindergarten Teachers
Mrs. Leslie Burke
Mrs. Krissi Evert
Mrs. Shannon Martin            
First Grade Teach
Miss Maggie Clarkson
Ms. Renee Lefevre
Miss Hallie McQueeny 
 Second Grade Teachers
Mrs. Jordyn Cotter
Mr. Mark Morrison
Mrs. Ryan Seal
 Third Grade Teachers
Mrs. Kara Beran
Mr. Rob Luehring
Mrs. Bridget Wachter
 Fourth Grade Teachers
Mrs. Becky Giltz
Mrs. Laurie Perry
Mrs. Katie Rusk 
Fifth Grade Teach
Mrs. Kelly Dailey    
Mrs. Jennifer Napravnik  
Miss Kailey Robbins

 Specials Teacher Assignments
 Physical Education Teacher Mr. Bryan Hills  
 Music Teachers Mrs. Sally Hepler
Mrs. Shara Fredricks
Mrs. Karen Chrisman

 Art Teachers Ms. Kristina Stevens
 Library Staff Ms. Tori Wade
Mrs. Marla Olson
 Library Teacher
 Library Aide 
 Learning Support Personnel
 Accelerated and Enrichment Facilitator  Ms. Michelle Dewald Building Coordinator
 Inclusion Facilitators
 Mrs Melissa Price
 Mrs. Kathy Krella
  Ms. Mallory Nemes
 Inclusion Aides
 Mrs. Lisa Bragg              
 Mrs. Christine Cedergren
Ms. Cathy Haas
Mrs. Cheri Heiss
 Mrs. Ann Janson
 Mrs. Stephanie Mundry 
 Mrs. Nancy Nielsen
 Mrs. Cindy Spencer
 Mrs. Christine Todd 
 Ms. Erin Wynn 
 English Language Learner Teachers
 Mrs. Julie Stocker
 Miss Kelly Kanarowski
 Ms. Giselle Koerner
 Mrs. Anna Browne 
 Miss Noami Sosa 
Bilingual Assistant 
Bilingual ParaProfessional/IA 
 Reading Specialist
 Reading Teacher
 Literacy Coach 
Mrs. Carla Samuelson
Mrs. Michelle Prieboy
Mrs. Jill Jensen 
 Reading Tutors

Mrs. Nora Cella
Mrs. Lisa Cervenka
Mrs. Jamie Gardner-Haycox              
Mrs. Margie Mitchell
Mrs. Joy Wilson 
Mrs. Julie Wray 
Mrs. Jessica Zeeck          
 Psychologist Mrs. Carolina Weiss  
 Social Worker Mrs. Kathleen Rhoades  
 Speech and Language Pathologists
Mrs. Sheri Miles
Mrs. Maggie Dooley 
 Physical Therapist Mrs. Betsy Blowers  
 Occupational Therapist Ms. Diane Rathgeber  
 Hearing Itinerate Mrs. Sharon Jenkins  
 Building Support Personnel
 Technology Staff Mrs. Laurie Perry
Mrs. Robin Butler
Building Coordinator
Building Technician
 Lunchroom Supervisors

Mrs. Tina Barbar 

Mrs. Lisa Lozano 

Mrs. Tetyana Malone 

Mrs. Luz Porcioncula 

Mrs. Michelle Skibicki 

Mrs. Jennifer Steuart 
 Building Custodians
Mr. Charlie Wiggins
Mr. Tony Bartolone
Mr. Ken McDowall 
Ms. Stephanie Rodriquez 
Day Custodian
Night Custodian
Night Custodian
Night Custodian 
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