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Lunch Program

227 N. Fourth Street
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3000

Lunch Program

Geneva Schools provide a hot lunch option to its students every day. On this page, you can access current lunch menus, fund your student's PushCoin lunch account, or apply for lunch assistance.

Please make sure your student's PushCoin wallet accounts are funded to cover the cost of the food items purchased.

Lunch Menus

Use the links below to view lunch menus and nutritional information. We encourage families to download the Nutrislice app for Apple or Android.

Nutrislice, What is it?

The District's lunch menu program Nutrislice allows students and parents to view lunch menus and access the nutritional value and ingredients. With the app, you can:

 - View daily menus
 - Access nutritional and allergen information
 - Get notifications about menu item substitutions

Our food provider Sodexo tries to not make substitutions after the Friday before the school week.  However, due to supplier and/or supply chain issues, food item substitutions may occur. To receive notifications about substitutions, be sure to choose "Allow" notifications after downloading the app to your mobile device.

Please note that these menus and information are hosted on the District's food service provider's website -Sodexo.

Elementary Menus

Middle School Menus

High School Menus (NOTE: As of 11/13, the high school menus are not yet on Nutrislice, but will be soon!)

Lunch Prices for 2023-24

Elementary School Lunch Prices

Lunch Entrée with Sides: $2.50    
Milk: $0.75
Water: $1.00
Juice Box: $1.25
Second Entrée: $2.05

Please Note: Elementary students will continue to preorder their hot lunch daily.
Middle School Lunch Prices

Lunch Entrée with Sides: $2.90
Milk: $0.75
Second Entrée: $2.15
For Middle School a la carte prices, please see lunch menus listed above.

High School Lunch Prices

Lunch Entrée with Sides: $3.00
Milk: $0.75
Second Entrée: $2.25
For High School a la carte prices, please see lunch menus listed above.

Lunch Assistance

Geneva School District offers a free lunch program, which provides free lunches to eligible children. If you need assistance paying for your child’s lunch, please click here.

Lunch Payment System

All Geneva schools operate a cashless system for school lunches called PushCoin. Parents can fund student lunch accounts online at any time using an electronic check or credit card. Parents can login at any time to see balances, fund the account, or see what their child has purchased. The PushCoin system eliminates the need to handle cash and helps greatly with lunchroom efficiency.

Work in Your Student's Lunchroom!

Sodexo Is Hiring

No Evenings! No Weekends! No Holidays!

Only work when students have a full day of classes.

Call Sodexo Food Service at 630-463-3827

Fund Your PushCoin Account

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