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Safety and Security

Geneva School District takes the safety and security of our students and staff very seriously.  The Facilities Department employs a Safety and Security Coordinator who works to ensure that the District is prepared and well-equipped to handle emergencies. 

Training for Faculty & Staff

The Safety and Security Coordinator provides a variety of trainings throughout the school year to faculty and staff. Some of the trainings are partnered with representatives of the Geneva Police Department and/or the Geneva Fire Department along with the District Nurses. These trainings help to improve their crisis management skills and help them gain confidence that if a real situation were to occur they would know what to do.

Emergency Supplies

Every classroom in our district is equipped with an Emergency to-go backpack. These backpacks contain emergency supplies that can be utilized during an emergency. Staff are required regardless if it is a drill or a true emergency to always grab their emergency to-go backpack. Some of the contents of these kits are a first aid kit, a wind up flashlight, garbage bags, hand sanitizer, emergency blankets, glow sticks, medical scissors, toilet paper, an orange safety vest, water etc. 

What Should I Do in the Event of an Emergency?

What should parents do in an event of an emergency to best assist their student(s)? While every person’s natural instinct in an emergency is to go the school to safeguard his/her child, please understand that doing so may significantly impede the school’s ability to respond to the situation. Please trust in the preparedness of the school staff and community first responders to swiftly and effectively handle the emergency. We kindly ask for your cooperation and assistance and therefore ask you to follow these guidelines:
  • Please do not call or rush to your child’s school because the phone lines and staff are needed for emergency response efforts. 
  • Please do not phone your child. Staff and students are discouraged from using cell phone communication for safety reasons. 
  • Please wait for communication from your child’s school, they will provide you with direction on how to proceed.

Communication During an Emergency

Please rely only on official communication from school or public safety officials. Official communication may come through the following avenues:

• The District’s emergency notification system

• The District’s website,

• The 304Connects email distribution lists

• The District's Facebook and Twitter Pages

• Local print media, as well as the following local TV/radio stations: WGN-AM (720), WBBM-AM (780), and CBS- TV (2), NBC-TV (5), ABC-TV (7), WGN-TV (9), FOX-TV, and CLTV cable
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