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Pick Up and Drop Off

0N900 Brundige Road
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3400


7:45AM – 7:53AM

Parents opting to drop off their child(ren) can utilize one of two drop off areas.
1. Parents can o utilize the front entrance of the school off of Brundige and students will enter through door #2.
2. We will also open a set of doors (door #7) and provide supervision for parents opting to drop off their child(ren) in the west parking lot off of Schoolhouse Lane. Students will enter through door #7 and walk to the multi-purpose room where they will line up with the rest of their class. This drop off can be accessed off of Schoolhouse Lane.
• Please utilize the drop off area that makes most sense for you based on the location you are coming from.
• Please DO NOT USE the bus turnaround to drop off your child.
• Please be mindful of the traffic pattern and avoid passing cars, talking on your cell phone, or stepping out of your vehicle in the drop-off lane. If your child needs assistance getting out of the vehicle, please do not do this while in the drop off lane, park your vehicle and walk your child to the door.
• Students dropped off after 7:53AM will enter through door #1 (front of school). Door #2 and Door #7 (West lot, back of school) will be closed and locked promptly at 7:53AM.
• Students arriving in their classroom after 8:00 will be considered tardy and must be signed in by a parent in the main office. It is our strong recommendation that students arrive to school no later than 7:55AM as classroom instruction begins promptly at 8:00AM.


At the end of each school day, teachers will divide their class into three lines. One line will be for students taking the bus home, another line for students who will be going to KidZone for after-school care, and a third line for students that are walking home or being picked up. It is extremely important that you communicate any change in your child’s designated routine with your child’s teacher AND both of our secretaries. For example, if your child is a designated bus rider and will be picked up, please email the school this change. This is to ensure they are placed in the appropriate dismissal line after school. Once again, email your child’s teacher AND our both secretaries…their emails are: Julie Eiss, [email protected] and Kathy Shabowski, [email protected].
• Students taking the bus home will exit from Door # 1 and get on their bus.
• Afternoon pick-up will be in the west parking lot accessible off of Schoolhouse Lane.
Parents picking up their child will have two options:
1. Park your car in the parking lot and wait near the exit for your child. If you decide to park, please exit your vehicle and escort your child through the striped cross-walk and onto the grass and walk towards your vehicle. Do not walk through the parking lot to your vehicle. Also, please do not have your child navigate the parking lot in search for your car, or wave your child over to your car.
2. Remain in your vehicle and utilize the pick-up lane.
• Over the summer, we extended the pick-up lane to alleviate some of the traffic concerns we experienced last year. We will now take full advantage of the turnaround. Image a complete “U” shape for vehicles to line up in.
• Students will only be picked up on the “northern” side of the “U” where we recently paved a new sidewalk (adjacent to the open field).
• Vehicles will double up on the initial leg/entrance of the “U” and merge to a single pick up line where students will be waiting on the sidewalk for their parent to pull up.
A few reminders regarding afternoon pick-up procedures.
• Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the pick-up lane.
• Vehicles parking in handicapped parking spaces and/or waiting alongside parked vehicles is not allowed and can be ticketed. Kane County Sherriff’s office will be present on occasion.
• Cell phone use is prohibited while operating your vehicle, especially on school grounds. Please do not use your phone while waiting in line to pick up your child.
• Please do not step out of your vehicle while waiting in the pick-up lane. Any stopped vehicle can make our parking lot difficult to navigate.
• PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, navigate our lots and our neighboring streets with caution. We have students walking or riding their bikes home and while we do our best to teach our students to be safe, they are after all…kids…and sometimes the excitement of walking or riding bikes home with friends results in kids crossing the road without looking both ways.