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0S350 Grengs Lane
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-444-8700

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the District establishing its own preschool? 

The establishment of a District early learning program ensures that we are able to provide a research-based curriculum that aligns to the Illinois Early Learning Standards. By creating a district-based, five-day per week program, not only are we able to provide more Geneva children with access to an early learning program, but we are also able to provide more instructional time to our special needs students in an inclusive setting. 

The communities of St. Charles, Batavia, Oswego, Naperville, and Plainfield all have park district preschool programs that function independently from the school districts’ preschool programs. Like these communities, our District is not looking to compete with the Park District. The Park District has served our community well for many years and will continue to do so. The Geneva 304 Early Learning Program will look different and provide a different set of experiences. We are glad to be able to provide one more early learning option for children and their families.

The Geneva 304 Early Learning Program will:  
  1. Create a five day a week program for all three and four-year-old students in blended programs. This would more than double the time that our three-year-old students are provided instruction and increase our four-year-old programming by 78 school days.

  2. Provide research-based instruction aligned with the Early Learning Standards. We must plan curriculum around the needs of the students.

  3. Give students opportunities to further develop fine and gross motor skills.

  4. Provide our students with a high-structured environment that is conducive to collaboration among teachers, speech pathologists, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and special education administrators.

  5. Give students the opportunity to build positive relationships with others, assist them in generalizing independent living skills and the social skills necessary to strive in today’s learning environment.

  6. Provide a Continuum of Services that meets the needs of all students and complies with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

  7. Ensure that staff are provided appropriate professional development to meet the diverse needs of all learners.

  8. Ensure that all staff hold a Professional Educator’s License (PEL) through the Illinois State Board of Education.


Will the Geneva 304 Early Learning Program provide bus transportation?
No. Busing is not available for tuition-based students at this time. Busing will be provided to students with IEPs in certain circumstances. 
What curriculum does the Geneva 304 Early Learning Program utilize? 
The Geneva 304 Early Learning Program provides developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children through a research-based play-based curriculum.  Our philosophy is learning through play which promotes emotional, physical, social, and developmental readiness skills to meet the needs of all students.

Are all of the teachers certified through the state of Illinois?
Yes. All of the teachers are certified in Early Childhood Education as well as Special Education. 
Does the preschool follow the regular school calendar?
Yes. The Geneva 304 Early Learning Program will follow the District's School Year Calendar with a few exceptions.  Please see the GELP schedule on the Geneva Early Learning Program webpage for more information. 
What is the student/teacher ratio?
Each tuition-based classroom will have up to 15 students with one teacher and one or two instructional assistants.