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FAQ: Operational Services
What have you done to reduce costs in transportation?
Updated: 4/4/2014
We are always reviewing our transportation needs in an effort to be as efficient as possible. Over the past several years costs have been reduced by consolidating routes and reducing the number of buses the district owns. The number of buses has been reduced from 61 buses in school year 2007-2008 to 49 buses for school year 2014-2015. Buses for Special Education Pre-School were purchased with funds provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The reduction of buses also reduces the number of bus drivers. With the implementation of All Day Kindergarten, mid-day Kindergarten routes are eliminated at a cost savings to the District.
Does Geneva School District lease its buses?
Posted: 4/4/2014
No, we do not lease our buses. We are on a program called Bus Buy-back. The district purchases it’s buses in full and at the end of 2 years, the manufacturer buys back the buses at a reduced cost. For example, we purchased 40 buses for the 2015-2016 school year at a cost of $81,650 per bus. At the end of the two year period, we will sell the buses back to the manufacturer for $70,219 per bus. This is a net cost of $5,715 per year and we also receive partial reimbursement from the State based on a formula using factors such as depreciation of the buses, student enrollment, miles driven, and operating costs. We end up paying a minimal amount per bus each year while also having the most up-to-date buses with the newest safety features, and we don’t pay the rising maintenance costs as the buses age.
Are there any plans to preserve the historic significance of the Coultrap building after its demolition?
Posted: 3/20/13
A liaison of the Board of Education, a member of the Geneva History Center board of directors, and a community member acting as liaison for neighbors of the site have formed a committee that is exploring options for memorializing the building once it has been razed and the land converted to green space. These memorial options will be presented to the District's Facilities Task Force, which will make a recommendation to the Board of Education. The committee has also walked through the Coultrap building to identify items of historic significance for possible preservation. Additionally, the committee is working together to produce a brief video history of the building and its significance to the Geneva community.
What is the status of the previously planned expansion of Geneva High School?
Posted: 12/9/11
In 2006, the Board received a requested Facilities Analysis Report which detailed the then current state of our buildings and identified life/safety required needs, as well as potential improvements to buildings. This included an analysis of GHS.  Expansion of GHS was identified as a future plan.  This was explored with architects, city officials, staff, and community residents.  A tentative plan was developed for when the need arose, but this plan was never acted upon.  Due to a stabilized enrollment, the plans were set aside until such time as they needed to be revisited when the enrollment grows and there is a need for more space.  While GHS is over capacity, the staff and students have worked to maximize space usage.  It is important to note also that while there was a $90 million estimate on the plan, this was not the final number, but just a number that represented the possibilities for the future.  Any further discussion when the time arises will involve working to prioritize needs and cost.
Can you explain how the Superintendent’s Facility Advisory Task Force functions?
Updated: 4/4/2014
Superintendent Mutchler established a Facility Advisory Task Force to review our current facilities and advise the administration and entire Board as to facility needs for the future. Two Board members are appointed to the task force and work with Dr. Mutchler, the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services, the Coordinator of Business Services, the Director of Facilities, and the Safety and Security Supervisor. In this role, they also seek the input and guidance of facility experts within the community, as well as consultants. This task force is not a Board committee and therefore does not follow the requirements of the Open Meetings Act. However, Board representatives on this task force report monthly at the business meetings of the Board of Education.  Input relative to this issue is welcome.
How are you saving money in the daily operations of your buildings?
Posted: 12/9/11
Geneva School District is very energy conscious, and we work continuously to save money in the physical operations of our buildings. We emphasize energy education for our staff and students and integrate electronic, data-controlled heating and cooling systems wherever possible. These allow us to flexibly set the thermostats from one remote location to match needs for building and individual room use. When we construct a new building or renovate older facilities we use materials that will cost less to maintain over time because we realize that spending a little more money at the beginning of this process saves a great deal of taxpayer dollars over time. We also encourage staff to be conscious of and efficient in their use of resources and supplies. With the economy being the way it is, we are implementing several strategies to gain additional input from all staff on how to best use our resources and reduce expenditures.
How are decisions made to complete capital projects?
Posted: 12/9/11
The District completed an extensive facilities study that culminated with Board approval of the Facilities Master Plan in June 2006. There were hundreds of hours invested by hundreds of people within the community and the School District to formulate the plan for work that would be done on new and existing schools. The District hired a credible and well-respected demographer to statistically project trends in enrollment growth to the year 2020 to assist in future facility planning. To see the Facilities Master Plan information that was presented to the Board of Education for approval in June 2006, please click HERE. The State also requires school districts to perform Health/Life/Safety audits every 10 years. Districts are required to bring their buildings up to code when any deficiencies are found through such an audit. Geneva School District’s last Health/Life/Safety audit was performed in 2006.  In addition, a Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan was presented to the Board in April 2013 outlining necessary facility improvements that would be needed in the next five years.
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