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Curriculum Frameworks

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Curriculum Frameworks

It is important for any school district to have clear and consistent goals for student learning. The Geneva Curriculum Frameworks were developed by teacher teams to document and articulate essential learning for our students. These frameworks serve as the road maps for teachers, students, and parents to illustrate how the curriculum is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards.

The frameworks provide information about the units of study, the link to the Standards, the objectives for the unit, and the assessments that might be used to assess student learning.

Frameworks are not static but are living documents which are reviewed by teacher teams on an ongoing basis. Frameworks are updated based on District assessment data analysis and current research on quality instruction.

The New Illinois Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core

The Illinois State Board of Education has adopted new Math and English Language Arts standards for K-12 education, known as Common Core State Standards, to better prepare students for success in college and careers. The Common Core State Standards define the level of knowledge and skills that students should possess from their K-12 education. 

Math and English-language arts standards were developed first because they provide a foundation upon which students build skill sets in other areas of learning. Subsequent standards will be developed, beginning with science. The K-5 English-language arts standards establish student expectations in reading, writing, speaking, listening and language across different subjects. The 6-12 standards establish English-language arts standards as well as literacy standards in history, social studies, and science. The math standards focus on skills and practices that all levels of students need to develop.