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Who We Are

1500 Western Ave.
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3500

Who We Are

Western Avenue School was built in 1964 (see photo above) on a combination School District/Park District site that measures fourteen acres. The original building housed thirteen classrooms, one of which doubled as an art/music room. In 1988, an addition was constructed providing a total of twenty classrooms including two large kindergarten rooms, separate art and music rooms, and a computer laboratory. As a result of the 1988 addition, Western Avenue School has an exceptional gymnasium facility. In 1995 four additional classrooms were constructed to make room for the increased student population.

The 1999-2000 school year brought forth changes in technology at Western Avenue School as two new PC compatible computers were added to each classroom. A complete instructional computer lab was also added during this school year. All computers are part of our wide area network (WAN) as we bring 21st century into our classrooms at Western Avenue School.  

The Story of Western Avenue Ducks

It is true that Western Avenue School has a logo of ducks which is pictured above. However, many people have no idea why. Western Avenue has two beautiful and "safe" courtyards. These courtyards were found many years ago in the spring by mallard ducks as they were searching for a place to nest.
The courtyard was a friendly place where the school children watched the eggs hatch. The ducks enjoyed free food and a swimming pool including a ramp for easy access for the ducklings. What a wonderful habitat for her babies. This is the reason that every year in the spring the mallards return to this safe haven to have their offspring. They are a wonderful temporary addition to the Western Avenue family. If you are around in the spring come see the ducklings for yourself.