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Who We Are

1357 Viking Drive
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3700

Who We Are

Geneva Middle School North was opened in August, 2006 on a sixty-five acre site that is shared with Geneva Middle School South. The two adjacent schools combine to create a middle school campus for the Geneva School Community, which is bordered by Peck Farm, a 131 acre park and nature preserve to the west.

The design of Geneva Middle School North is closely related to that of Geneva Middle School South, which embraces the middle school teaming concept by clustering core classrooms and teachers into team centers. The Learning Resource Center assumes a prominent location in the center of the building. Students and staff can access a variety of resources, including books, periodicals, multimedia selections, and computers to safely access sources of information from around the world.

The eight core academic team centers surround the Learning Resource Center. Each team center consists of six classrooms and a team center office. Each team of teachers shares a group of students in the instruction of mathematics, language arts, science and social studies. In addition, each team has a resource classroom for small group instruction of our special needs students. There is a centralized common area within each team center that can facilitate presentations and small assemblies. 

Our middle school students also have the opportunity to discover and explore their interests in the areas of foreign language, art, music, family and consumer science, and technology education. Geneva Middle School North was designed to include classrooms specifically for these programs of study, as well as classrooms for band, choir, and orchestra.

The two full sized gymnasiums can be divided to provide space for four classes. As full size gymnasiums with bleachers, they can also accommodate spectators for interscholastic basketball, volleyball and wrestling. The physical education wing is also equipped with a multipurpose room that contains exercise equipment to promote physical fitness.

Geneva Middle School North currently has approximately 605 students. The student population was determined using the Balanced Enrollment Design, ensuring an equitable division of the students with Geneva Middle School South while maintaining representation from throughout the community.