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CUSD 304 Technology

227 N. Fourth Street
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3000


Welcome to the Geneva CUSD 304 Technology Department! 
We seek to deliver a high quality technology experience, that is safe and reliable, for all of the District's students, staff, parents, and other stakeholders.  Whether you are a student seeking help to troubleshoot an issue on your school-issued device, a parent seeking to learn how we help to keep students safe online, or a staff member looking for a link to the Tech Help Desk portal, we hope you are able to find the information you need.  If you have questions, or need to contact our Department, please give us a call at: 630-463-3070.

Department Responsibilities

The Geneva School District Technology Department is responsible for the overall planning, implementation, operation, and maintenance of the information systems and processes in the district. This includes the communications network, hardware and software infrastructure as well as data management, report generation, and technology customer support.
Primary Focus Areas: 
  • Collaboration and Vision – Works closely with all educational stakeholders to create and achieve the vision for how technology supports the district's strategic goals
  • Team Building and Staffing – Creates and supports cross-functional teams for decision-making, technology support, professional development, and other aspects of the district's technology program
  • Communication Systems – Manages and supports the use of e-mail, district web sites, voicemail systems and other forms of communication technology to facilitate decision-making, dialog and effective communication with the community and other key stakeholders
  • Information Management – Oversees the establishment and maintenance of information systems and tools for gathering, mining, integrating and reporting data in usable and meaningful ways
  • Systems Management – Directs, coordinates, and ensures the implementation of all tasks related to: the development of technical specifications and infrastructure decisions; the selection, purchasing, installation and maintenance of IT; and the integration of technology into every facet of operations
  • Planning and Budgeting – Works with the instructional and operational teams to identify the steps needed to meet strategic goals and a budget that takes into account the total cost of implementing technology solutions
  • Responsible Use – Participates in the creation, implementation and enforcement of policies and educational programs related to the social, legal and ethical issues involved in technology use throughout the district.

Geneva School District 304 is a community of life-long learners, which continues to develop the learning environment by incorporating technology in all areas of study and school operations. Technology, and the underlying knowledge and skills, are integral components of the District's vision for students.

The Team

Mike Wilkes
Director of Technology
Kristin Maldonado
Administrative Assistant

Client Services Team
Kevin Flahaven
Client Services Coordinator 
Amy Fuller
Technology Support Specialist
Linda Scarpelli
Technology Support Specialist 
Kyle Bailey
Fabyan Elementary School & Geneva Early Learning Program
Robin Butler
Harrison Street Elementary School
Kelly Jatczak
Heartland Elementary School
Joann Godlewski
Mill Creek Elementary School
Meral Cosentino
Western Avenue School
Amanda Aucunas
Williamsburg Elementary School
Heather O'Rourke
Geneva Middle School North
Kathleen Mourek
Geneva Middle School South
Gina Lee
Geneva High School

Information Systems Team
Kathy Shabowski
Student Information Systems Specialist
Cathy McKee
Information Systems Analyst

Network/Infrastructure Team
Scott Poniatowski
District Network Specialist
Kate O'Malley
Identity & Systems Administrator
Chuck Zajicek
District Network Technician