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Board of Education
(From Left: Mike McCormick, Mary Stith, Bill Wilson, Leslie Juby, Mark Grosso, Kelly Nowak, David Lamb)
The Board of Education is a seven-member board made up of residents of the Geneva 304 community. Members are elected by the general public, serve four-year terms, and are not compensated for their service to the School District.

The Board of Education is responsible for the educational programs for grades kindergarten through 12. The Board’s job is to adopt goals and policies that meet state requirements and reflect community needs; provide the resources necessary to pursue its goals according to its policies; and monitor district performance to see that results are consistent with goals and policies.

Among the Board’s legal duties are hiring necessary personnel and setting their salaries; providing and maintaining school buildings; letting all contracts and paying all bills; and arranging the revenue necessary to operate the School District; among other tasks.

The Board of Education can be contacted through the Board Secretary at (630) 463-3010 or by emailing

Board Members

Mark Grosso, Board President *
April 2009 – April 2017

Kelly B. Nowak, Board Vice President *
April 2007 – April 2019

Leslie Juby *
April 2013 – April 2017

David Lamb *
April 2013 – April 2017

Mike McCormick *
April 2011 – April 2019

Mary Stith *
April 2003 – April 2019

Bill Wilson *
Nov. 2001 – April 2017

* Completion of the mandatory Board member training required by Section 10-16a of the Illinois School Code is noted by an asterisk

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