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227 N. Fourth Street
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3000

Board of Education Meetings


Board of Education meetings are typically held Mondays at 7:00 p.m. at Central Office, 227 N. Fourth St., unless otherwise noted in BoardBook. Calendar is adjusted for school  closings and holidays. The Board meeting agendas are posted on the District 304 website at the end of the day on the Thursday prior to each Board meeting. Meetings may be relocated when audience size is anticipated to exceed the capacity of the meeting location. 
AGENDAS & BOARDBOOK: Board of Education meeting agendas are typically made available the Thursday prior to a meeting on BoardBook. To access BoardBook click here.

INFORMATION PACKETS: Packets of information for a Board of Education meeting are typically made available to the public on the day of a meeting on BoardBook. To access BoardBook click here.

MEETING BROCHURES & PUBLIC COMMENT: A meeting brochure is available at each meeting. The brochure contains information concerning Board meeting procedures. If you wish to address the Board, the brochure contains a form that should be completed prior to the meeting, detached, and presented to the Recording Secretary or Board President before the meeting is called to order. To view a copy of the meeting brochure, click here.

MEETING VIDEOS: In an effort to make Board of Education meetings accessible to all members of our community, we will record each meeting of the Board of Education, Policy Committee, and Finance Advisory Committee and post the videos online. Board of education meetings will be recorded and available on the website in the days following the meeting. To view meeting videos click here.

Regular meetings of the Board of Education are also broadcast daily on the City of Geneva's government and education channel, Channel 10. Channel 10 is also streamed live on the City's website. Please allow a delay of up to several days between the meeting date and the date of broadcast/posting to the website.
MINUTES: Minutes from the meeting will be available on the District’s website after being approved by the Board of Education at a future meeting. To view posted minutes, click here

ON THE TABLE: As part of our ongoing efforts to engage the community in local school governance, we provide a preview of each Geneva School Board meeting agenda in an email sent via 304Connects called "On the Table." We hope this information makes it easier for you to discover and learn about the issues that are "on the table" for discussion or action. To see previous messages, click here.

FOR THE RECORD: In the days following each regular Board of Education meeting, we send via 304Connects an email titled "For the Record" - a summary of major presentations, discussions, and actions. To see previous messages, click here.

2023-24 Meeting Dates

May 12, 2023   - Board Retreat
May 13, 2023    - Board Retreat
May 22, 2023            
June 12, 2023
July 17, 2023
August 14, 2023
August 28, 2023
September 11, 2023
September 25, 2023
October 10, 2023   - Tuesday
October 23, 2023
November 13, 2023
December 11, 2023
January 8, 2024
January 12, 2024    - Board Retreat
January 22, 2024
February 12, 2024
February 26, 2024
March 11, 2024  
April 8, 2024
April 22, 2024
May 6, 2024
May 10, 2024    - Board Retreat
May 11, 2024    - Board Retreat
May 20, 2024            
June 10, 2024