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1500 Western Ave.
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3500

 Parent Backpack  


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Classroom Rules

Star of the Week Directions for Parents.pdf

Back to School Curriculum Night Video 2021-2022

Back to School Slideshow 2021- 2022.pdf

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0-10 Division Flashcards

Math Fact Fluency

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Reading Strategies Checklist

Comprehension Strategy: 5 Finger Retell 

Reading Comprehension Cards

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Safe Snack List 

Scholastic Book Orders
(Class Code is L8C67) 

Words Their Way Information 

Next Generation Science Parent Guide 

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Homework Pros and Cons.pdf

Standards for Mathematical Practice for Parents.pdf

Why Math Fact Fluency Matters.pdf

How to Instill the Love of Reading.pdf

Tips for Preventing the Summer Slide.pdf

Sholes School

General Information
Sholes School Presentation