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Arrival and Dismisal

3300 Heartland Drive
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3200


Our Heartland students are welcome to arrive beginning at 7:50AM.  Staff members will be supervising the entrances, both the front doors by the gym as well as by the cafeteria/playground out back. Parents may walk their students up to these doors or utilize a car drop-off procedure (door-to-door service) utilizing our staff parking lot (the one closest to the side of the school). If utilizing our drop-off system, students need to exit the vehicle independently on the passenger side; this is to ensure that our students remain safe in the lot as well as keep our traffic flowing smoothly. Students will be permitted to enter the building at these two locations; should parents or guardians need access to the building between 7:45-7:50AM, you may continue to utilize the main entrance where we use RAPTOR, our building security screening system. Students will head directly to their classrooms at 7:50AM. 
First-fifth grade students begin packing up for dismissal at 2:10PM so that they are ready to leave when the end of the day bell rings at 2:15PM.  Kindergarten students are dismissed at 2:10 in order to meet their families and load their buses prior to the remaining students exiting the building.  Kindergarten students exit the building through entrances #1 or #9.  First grade through third grade students exit through entrance #1, while 4th and 5th grade students exit through entrance #9. 
Parents have two options when picking up their students at the end of the day.
Option 1-
Door to Door Service in our staff and parent parking lots (the lot closest to the side of the building and the center lot)- this option has students exiting through entrance #4 and #1 as they await their parent's vehicle to arrive.  This system is intended for students who are independent and able to buckle themselves into their seats. Parents remain in their vehicle and pull up alongside the curb; students enter the vehicle on the passenger side.  Should students need assistance getting into the car, we have supervisors on duty to assist. Once children have entered the vehicle, we ask that you simply pull forward and around the "U" turn as you safely exit the parking lot. We ask that parents use caution as they proceed through the lot; please be mindful of the cars entering/exiting through the driveway. We kindly ask parents to adhere to the right-turn only signs between 2:15-2:30PM; these are posted at the end of our driveway in order to keep our traffic flowing smoothly. 
Option 2-
Park & Meet (parent parking lot)-Parents opting to meet and greet their children by the front doors should park their vehicles in the parent parking lot and greet their children on the front sidewalk by the main entrance to the building. Parents would then escort their children to their parked car in the lot.  Children should always be accompanied by an adult when going from the sidewalk to the parked cars in the lot. Parents should refrain from pulling alongside the curb in the afternoon.  Door-door pick-up is acceptable in the side parking lot.