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Student Schedule

3300 Heartland Drive
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3200
Student Schedule
Throughout the day students will be instructed in the following academic areas: literacy (reading, writing, phonics/word study), math, social studies, and science. Students will also receive instruction in social/emotional thinking through our Second Step curriculum 1X per week for the first two trimesters of the school year followed by bullying prevention training.
Along with their academic subjects, students have a 30-minute special four times a week, and a 60-minute special one-time per week. 30-minute specials include music and PE, while art is provided for 60 minutes.  In addition, students will receive library media and technology lessons.


Students are provided a 40-minute lunch period. It is designed to be 20 minutes for recess and 20 minutes for eating. The current menu is always available on our website. Students may purchase a “hot lunch” or bring a sack lunch from home. Students may purchase a milk or water for a fee regardless of whether or not they purchase the “hot meal”. Children may also purchase a second entree (also known as "doubles") pending the availability for the day. Students pre-order their meals upon arrival as part of the morning routine.

For the 20-minute recess, students must be appropriately dressed for the weather. Winter wear is expected and is required for snow play. We will go outside as long as the real-feel temperature is above 0 degrees when factoring in the wind chill. If there is snow on the ground, students will be required to wear snow boots and snow pants to play in the snow. It's always best to dress in layers.