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Snack Policy

3300 Heartland Drive
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3200

Snack/Food Guidelines


Parent-provided healthy daily snacks are permitted; please check with your child's classroom teacher for specific classroom snack guidelines, including foods that may not be permitted due to students with significant food allergies.

In order to promote healthy choices and support a culture of wellness in our schools, along with our concern for children with food allergies, diabetes, and other dietary restrictions, Geneva elementary schools do not allow birthday treats in the form of food items. Additionally, food is not used as a reward or incentive for student achievement.


While we enjoy celebrating student birthdays, we do not share any food items. If parents feel that they still want to send a non-edible “treat,” birthday items can include things like fun pencils or erasers, a gift for the classroom, stickers, etc. Parents should check with their child’s teacher to see if classroom-specific procedures are already in place for birthday celebrations prior to sending in non-edible treats. Again, classroom incentives and rewards will be in the form of non-food items and extra activities.