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304 Staff Spotlights

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Geneva, IL 60134
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304 Staff Spotlights

Lisa Stone, GHS

Staff Spotlight: Lisa Stone

Lisa Stone is the Principal's Secretary/Administrative Assistant at Geneva High School. 

When did you start working at Geneva CUSD 304?
July 1995
What is your role in the District?
My role has changed over the years. When I first began working at Geneva High School, I managed student schedules and grades. Currently, I provide support to our administrators, teachers, and staff in the building as well as booster groups, community members, parents, and students that come through the office. I manage a variety of jobs such as registration, PushCoin, board deposits, parent and student communications, and maintaining the high school website.
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Ron Zeman, Principal at Western Avenue School

Staff Spotlight: Ron Zeman

Principal Ron Zeman has been teaching for 36 years and has taught at all levels from preschool through college. He’s currently the principal of Western Avenue School in Geneva where he has been since 2008. At the end of the school year, Mr. Zeman will retire from a job he says he has thoroughly enjoyed. “The absolute favorite part of my job is being around children,” he said. “If I am having a bad day, I go into classrooms and interact with kids. Bad day immediately over!”
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Staff Spotlight, Jamie Dunlap

Staff Spotlight: Jamie Dunlap

Ms. Dunlap, business teacher at GHS has been involved with business throughout her career but didn’t start teaching until she was in her 40s. “I used to have a cake business and an Irish dance dressmaking business and although both were ultimately successful, I got very bored and it kind of took the fun out of what I love to do,” she said.
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Substitute teachers Sally and Mike Longo

Staff Spotlight: Sally and Mike Longo

School districts across the nation are struggling to recruit substitutes to help in classrooms when teachers need to be away from class. To help ease the shortage, the Illinois School Board of Education changed the requirements to make it much easier to obtain a Substitute Teacher’s license. In fact, to get a license, a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in any subject is the only educational requirement – a teaching degree is not needed.

Geneva residents Mike and Sally Longo have subbed for the Geneva School District for many years. “Our three daughters went to school in the District, so we already felt a connection to the schools and staff,” said Mike Longo. “We wanted an opportunity that allowed us flexibility with our schedule and substitute teaching was a perfect fit.”
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Mr Graham helps a student in a bridge position on a colorful mat

Staff Spotlight: Mike Graham

Mike Graham’s physical education (PE) class at Williamsburg Elementary School is full of energy, games and music. He creatively incorporates activities into his class that get students moving and having fun for the two short periods each week that he sees each class. “I LOVE creating engaging lessons and seeing the joy that movement brings kids,” he said.  
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Stephanie Algrim and Gizzy the tortoise

Staff Spotlight: Stephanie Algrim

Sixth grade science teacher Stephanie Algrim has been teaching middle school science since 1994. She came to Geneva Middle School North (GMSN) in 2008. She took a short break from GMSN when she and her family moved to Seattle but came back to GMSN when they returned in 2020.

She is an animal lover who fosters dogs and cats from Anderson Animal Shelter with her family. Plus, her teaching “assistant” is a 30-year-old Bell's Hingeback tortoise named Gizzy, who lives in her classroom. Gizzy recently helped the class with gravity models to show the relationship between mass and gravitational force. She also helps with biosphere lessons (like food web, animal adaptations).
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Language arts teacher Laura Essex

Staff Spotlight: Laura Essex

Mrs. Essex is a language arts teacher at Geneva Middle School North. She joined the Geneva School District in August 2014, and she has taught 7th grade on the Blue Team ever since. “I love this age,” she said. “You can create a more relaxed environment and have fun with them.”
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Social Worker Dana MacDonald

Staff Spotlight: Dana MacDonald

Ms. MacDonald, School Social Worker at Geneva Middle School South has been a school social worker for 11 years. Ms. MacDonald attended Geneva Schools as a child from kindergarten through high school, so she was excited when she was hired at the district in August 2019.  
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Mrs. Orozco plays the violin

Staff Spotlight: Guadalupe Orozco

Mrs. Orozco is the Geneva School District’s new elementary orchestra teacher. She will be based at Harrison Street School and will serve all elementary schools. She is excited to meet her new students and share the world of playing string instruments. “I’m looking forward to having a wonderful year full of learning and growing,” she said.
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Mrs Jurkynas stands in the library

Staff Spotlight: Jen Jurkynas

Mrs. Jurkynas is excited about her new role at the Geneva School District as a learning behavior specialist. “I’m interested in creating a rapport with each student and their families,” she said. “Together, we can assist students as they achieve their goals. We’ll have an amazing 2022-2023 year!”
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Sergio Espana school psychologist

Staff Spotlight: Sergio Espana

Mr. Espana joins the Geneva School District this academic year as a school psychologist, serving the middle schools and high school. “What excites me most about being a school psychologist at Geneva CUSD 304 is becoming a part of a tight knit community that centers itself around a clear vision and goal of supporting the academic, behavioral, and emotional success of our students,” he said.
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Mr Mays sits on stairs

Staff Spotlight: Eric Mays

Mr. Mays brings 20 years of experience in the financial services industry to his work as a new business teacher at Geneva High School. “I am most excited about the opportunity to work with Geneva High School students and to help our future entrepreneurs, business-minded people, and future leaders,” he said.
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Bus driver Jeannie Bean smiles in the drivers seat

Staff Spotlight: Jeannie Bean

Early each morning long before the school day begins, Geneva School District Bus Driver Jeannie Bean, or Miss Jeannie as the students call her, thoroughly inspects her bus, as required by law. She emphasized the importance of safety for the transportation department. “Safety is number one,” she said. “We never get in a bus that’s not fit to be on the road.”

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Audrey Bridges smiles in front of the Coultrap Educational Service Center.

Staff Spotlight: Audrey Bridges

Audrey Bridges, Building Services Coordinator (BSC), is passionate about making sure that the students and teachers of the district have a clean, safe school environment for teaching and learning.

“Audrey has done excellent work in our district,” said Geneva School District Superintendent Kent Mutchler. “She provides excellent leadership that we will miss. She puts students first in her work.”

In fact, she loves her job so much that her that even though she is retiring to Alabama next summer after more than 20 years in the district, she is considering finding a job at a school.
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