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Language Arts

3300 Heartland Drive
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3200



For Reading, we use the Scott Foresman "Reading Street" Reading Anthology along a variety of fiction and non fiction text. Reading is not only the ability to decode words; it is also the ability to comprehend written materials. Throughout the year, the students will be learning a variety of reading comprehension strategies as an aide to improving reading comprehension. These strategies include Making Predictions, Story Elements, Retelling, Summarizing, Finding the Main Idea, Asking Questions, Inferring, Making Connections, Cause and Effect and others. 
Additional Vocabulary List- The National Vocabulary List is an in-depth vocabulary list of words that contains words a first and second grader should know at the end of each grade. For those who have mastered the first and second grade words, a list of third grade words is also included. Please click on the link for words to practice.

For extra word recognition and spelling practice, please see the Word Chunks Activity and the Diagraph/Consonant Cluster Activity. Additional Phonics Practice Cards are also available to practice at home with your child by clicking on the desired link.


For writing, we will be using The Lucy Calkins writing program. We will be learning how to write Narrative, Informational, and Opinion writing.  We will also learn be using various graphic organizers to help with the organization of our writing.