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Mission & Vision

1812 Williamsburg Ave.
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3100


Mission Statement

Williamsburg Elementary is a partnership of students, staff, families, and the community that strives to provide: 
  • a quality education that builds a foundation for lifelong learning, preparing students to become responsible, creative, compassionate, and productive members of society.  
  • inclusive experiences that prepare students to embark on individual paths of success. 
  • a positive and respectful learning environment where all are valued and encouraged to find their voices through self-directed learning and leadership opportunities. a growth mindset learning approach that builds independent problem solvers who take on challenges with perseverance and grit. 
  • a safe environment that empowers individuals and groups to celebrate their culture, heritage, and identity. 

Vision Statement

Geneva 304 Vision 
Williamsburg students will face increasing and challenging responsibilities in their roles as workers, citizens, and family members. Students’ learning during the school years must now include both an understanding of traditional subject matter and the ability to develop and utilize knowledge in preparation for a future world requiring new skills and abilities. The common vision of all members of Geneva School District 304 is to assist every student to become:
  • Self-directed, lifelong learners who enjoy the challenge of learning; are self-confident and goal-oriented; and demonstrate physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being.
  • Effective communicators who assess, interpret, and respond to information by reading, listening, and questioning; convey meaning in writing, verbally, visually, numerically, and artistically; and use appropriate technology.
  • Complex, creative, and adaptive thinkers who apply academic knowledge, skills, and strategies to gather and interpret information to solve problems; create intellectual, artistic, and practical products that reflect quality and originality; and analyze the effectiveness of their decisions and solutions.
  • Collaborative and productive citizens who recognize the advantages of diversity and cooperation; show concern, tolerance, and respect; demonstrate leadership and/or group skills; demonstrate actions that mutually benefit self and others; and assume responsibility for their actions, locally and globally.