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Mission & Vision

3300 Heartland Drive
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3200

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Heartland Elementary School is a child-centered environment that involves students, families, school staff and the community in a team effort to prepare all children to become life-long learners and contributing members of an ever-changing and diverse world. Collaboratively we will encourage students to demonstrate caring, fairness, respect, responsibility, honesty and citizenship. Our program reflects the values and ambitions of the community where each student will continue to develop in an academically enriched environment that promotes personal, physical, emotional and social growth within the Tradition of Excellence of Geneva Community School District 304.

Vision Statement

Geneva 304 Vision 
Heartland students will face increasing and challenging responsibilities in their roles as workers, citizens, and family members. Students’ learning during the school years must now include both an understanding of traditional subject matter and the ability to develop and utilize knowledge in preparation for a future world requiring new skills and abilities. The common vision of all members of Geneva School District 304 is to assist every student to become:

  • Self-directed, lifelong learners -Heartland Hawks are problem-solvers who use GRIT when confronted with a challenge. They have agency in their learning, and when possible, student choice is given on activities and assignments. Student empowerment is encouraged to build ownership and curiosity.
  • Effective communicatorsHeartland Hawks are empowered to discuss learning with their peers. Students have become more proficient with utilizing technology tools to communicate; Teams and other educational apps have allowed students to become more equipped at 21st century communication. Personal voice in writing is another forum in which students learn to communicate.
  • Complex, creative, and adaptive thinkers- HES Hawks use problem-solving skills to be flexible thinkers. They apply what they learn to move forward in their thinking. They're learning to embrace failure and grow from their mistakes. We strive to "think like insiders." The past few years have proven that we can adapt quickly to many changes!
  • Collaborative and productive citizens-HES Hawks embrace working together as evidenced by small group activities in the classroom. We celebrated our success during the pandemic with our synchronous learning in a hybrid model. Our tech ambassadors will lead the way in K-5 classrooms, having students teach students about technology!