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Orchestra Goals

3300 Heartland Drive
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3200

1st and 2nd Trimester Skills

Instrument Hold/Posture

·        Sits/Stands properly

·        Instrument at correct angle

·        Instrument properly supported

Bow Hand

·        Thumb Placement

·        Thumb bent

·        All fingers placed correctly

·        Fingers over frog

·        Pinky curved

Left Hand Position/Technique

·        Plays with fingers curved

·        Thumb placement

·        No squeezing the neck of the instrument

·        Places fingers on the tapes

·        Arm/elbow at correct angle

·        Wrist properly aligned

·        Student is able to recognize and perform a“tunnel”

Bowing Technique

·        Produces a clear strong sound

·        Plays with the appropriate amount of bow

·        Bows parallel to bridge

·        Understands and is able to follow bow directions(Down and Up Bow)

Note Reading

·        Recognizes D String Notes

·        Recognizes A String Notes

·        Recognizes G String Notes

·        Is able to describe how to play notes on the A,D and G strings

·        Is able to read D String notation

·        Is able to read A string notation

·        Is able to read G string notation


·        Accurately reads and performs combinations ofeighth, quarter, half notes and rests