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416 McKinley Ave.
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3800

Tree #1 Name

Horticulture Information

Common Name (1 pt)


Norway Maple

Scientific Name (1 pt)


Acer platanoides

Ave. Height (1 pt)


40-60 feet

Ave. Width (1 pt)


30-50 feet

Growth Rate (1 pt)


12-18 inches per year

Flower Color (1 pt)



Bloom Season (1 pt)



Significant Flower (1 pt)



Summer Foliage Color(1 pt)



Fall Foliage Color (1 pt)



Sun Exposure (1 pt)


Best in full sun but ok w/ part sun

Soil Moisture (1 pt)



Zones (1 pt)



Common Pest Problems (2 pts)


Tar spot- fungal leaf disease

Powdery mildew- fungal leaf disease

Maple gall mites- Tiny mites produce spindle shaped galls on leaves

Common Pest Solutions (2 pts)


Natural enemies- Ladybugs (predators)

Remove infected branches or scales (if they are small)

This best thing about this tree… (3 pts)







The Norway Maple gets really big à provides lots of shade

It is also well-adapted to clay and compacted soils, air pollution, and holds up well during droughts à don’t have to worry about the tree much because it can thrive on it’s own