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A Message from Geneva 304 Superintendent

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June 4, 2020

Sometimes an event can open our eyes to a difficult and harsh reality that has been right in front of us for a very long time. For our country and community, the events of the last week have provided just such a galvanizing moment. While the inequities and mistreatment that we have all recently witnessed are certainly not new, they have been a clarion call to all of us that our society can and must do better.   

In Geneva 304, our District Vision calls on us to be collaborative citizens and lifelong learners. As collaborative citizens, it is our responsibility to engage in difficult conversations, listen with the intent to understand, and embrace diversity. Lifelong learning starts with the acknowledgement that we need to, and can, improve. No matter what our age, we can reflect and say: “I can learn, grow, and be different today than I was yesterday.” Above all, this is a time to listen, to learn, and to reflect on how we can reinforce equality and equity for all and contribute to positive change.  

We care deeply for our community and will continue to work hard to ensure that we are creating and sustaining a culture where children feel safe, cared for, and supported. As you talk with your children about recent events, here are several resources from the National Association of School Psychologists that may assist you with those conversations:  

Thank you,

Dr. Kent Mutchler

Superintendent of Schools

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