Geneva School District 304 News Article


The answer to this week’s Wheel of Fortune puzzle is WE’RE OUTTA HERE! Congratulations to everyone who guessed correctly – you’re all winners: Deanna Tira, Haddie Wilkison, Elliot McCutcheon, Lila Rechkemmer, Adalyn Ibach, Kayla Juan, Tess Malone, Lucas Osmondson, Emerson Carter, Eidan Rivera, Isabel Martinez, Holly Hansing, Ellie Learned, Noah Bardelas, Kennadie Flanigan, Macy Sabo, Sean Geraghty, Vinay Chavda, Layla Smircich, Dahlia Brady, Mrs. Spring, Mr. Ellibee, Mrs. Schutz, Mrs. Poppen, and Ms Lindsey. You can all claim your prize in the library.

Have a wonderful summer!!!

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