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DECA Students Succeed in Regionals

DECA students at regional competition

Geneva High School Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) students had a very exciting day on Friday at the Regional DECA Competition, competing against 1,400 students from our region. The following students brought home awards in their categories and qualified for the DECA State Competition at the end of February.

1st place- Luisa Parente: Retail Merchandising

2nd place – Addy Kling: Restaurant & Food Service Management

3rd place – Agnes Bolender: Apparel & Accessories

3rd Place – Roland Sorrentino: Business Service Marketing

3rd place– Minzie Choi: Human Resources Management  

3rd place– Maisy Maranville: Personal Financial Literacy  

3rd place– Grayson Gaerlan: Restaurant & Food Service Management  

4th place – Vicki Karalis & Aashi Jain: Business Law & Ethics Team

4th place – Abby Arnold: Accounting Applications

4th place - Evan Swierczewski: Apparel & Accessories

4th place – Jacob VanRossum: Automotive Services

4th place – Lorcan Duffy: Food Marketing Series

4th place – Olivia Bogacz: Principles of Finance

5th Place:

Minah Choi – Apparel & Accessories

Ellie Grantcharov – Hotel & Lodging Management

Anishka Jain – Principles of Hospitality & Tourism

Elle Miller – Principles of Marketing

Additionally, the following students placed amongst the top 10 and are also eligible to compete at the State competition based on their % ranking:

Aiden Post - Restaurant & Food Service Management

Madison Rees – Retail Merchandising

Andrea Turek & Lilly Coats – Buying & Merchandising Team

Cheng Shang & Eleanor Holt – Entrepreneurship Team

Xander Mercado & Lucas Oldham – Financial Services Team

Olivia Pohlman & Gianna Oxler – Hospitality Services Team

Caroline Madden & Marcella Anderson – Travel & Tourism Team

Cam Fozo – Principles of Business Management & Administration  

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