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The Video Gaming intramural is coming up and will be meeting on Tuesdays beginning April 16th.  The cost is $20 per person. Permission slips are due Friday and are available in the main office.

Another intramural coming up is Basketball!  This one will meet on Thursdays after school beginning April 18th, and permission slips are available in the office.


Are you still looking for those shoes you lost a week ago after PE? Is your mom asking you over and over again to find the jacket you left at school? Well, you may be in luck! The lost and found is on display in the cafeteria. So be sure to check it out during your lunch period.  Also, when you’re on your way to PE take a look at the items on display in the window of the main office.  The main office lost and found has smaller and sometimes more valuable found items.  Currently, we have a couple of nice watches, a bunch of rings, a wireless mouse and not one but, TWO retainers and many other items!!!


Wired Crew don’t forget you have a meeting tomorrow after school. Alliance Club will meet again on Friday.


From the Sports Desk:

The Geneva South track team proved more than "ready" and exceeded "standards" on their first "assessment" of the year.  After "signing in" to their event and Ms. Mott Mueller "testing the audio" on her headset, the Vikings stormed out of the gate.  Mitchell Gratz, Colin Hasty, and Charlie Morrison set the tone with an impressive 4 by 800-meter win.  For the 8th grade girls, Erin Slagle, Bella Walls, and Florence Ferguson completed the clean sweep as they crossed the finish line with a 1-2-3 finish.  The 7th grade team followed suit as Lilly Coats took the gold in the hurdles while Carlie Gore put up a stellar performance in the triple jump.  Finally, a big Congratulations shout out to Colin Sprague who smoked the triple jump record, jumping 37' 5'', while also winning the 100-meter dash.  

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