Geneva School District 304 News Article



Reminder, tour guides for Western Avenue, Heartland and Mill Creek, you have lunch with Mrs. Rolf today in the guidance office conference room.


Art Club has a meeting today!


Hey, guess who’s the winner of last week’s library trivia question?  It’s Hunter Mathews! Way to go, Hunter.  Head on down to the library some time today to pick up your prize.


Did you know 100,000 marine creatures and 1 million sea birds die from the plastic we dump into the oceans each year?  Mrs. Brady and her 6white students want to change this sad statistic.  Did you also know you can't recycle markers that don't work anymore through the city?  Well good news!  The Crayola ColorCycle program will recycle them and reuse them, we just need to collect them.  Look for a student-designed poster in your team center with a donation box.  Any brand and any type of marker can be donated. Markers can also be brought in from home.  Thank you for helping to make a difference.


Congratulations to Casey Spratt, Dylan Konkey and Mac Yelle for winning the yearlong stock market challenge sponsored by Northern Illinois University.  There were over 1,000 teams participating from elementary, middle school and high schools around the suburbs of Chicago and the team won by making over $29,000 after starting with $100,000 in the Fall.   

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