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Special Education FAQs

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Special Education & Early Childhood FAQs

Answers to Special Education & Early Childhood FAQs

We recognize that the answers below are not all-inclusive. We will continue to communicate as we receive guidance from ISBE, as well as local and state officials. The Student Services Department and your child’s special education team are here to support your child and help you navigate this process. We thank you for your continued partnership as we work together on meeting the educational needs of your child.    

Please stay tuned for additional questions and answers!

Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns?

Your child’s case manager is your first point of communication. During remote learning, he or she will continue to work closely with your child and your child’s team to manage aspects of the IEP/504 and facilitate collaboration amongst your child’s special education team. Related service providers like speech-language pathologists, social workers, occupational therapists and physical therapists can provide information on service delivery relative to your child’s IEP; if you have questions regarding a specific related service, you can contact the provider directly. Building and District administrators are also available to offer support, answer questions, manage district processes and provide information.