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Home Access Center

227 N. Fourth Street
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3000

Home Access Center (HAC)

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This page provides a comprehensive overview of how to use the portal. Login to Home Access Center.

HAC Log In Button

About Home Access Center

From assignments and grades, to scheduling and communication, staying up-to-date and in touch with students and parents is essential to student achievement. Home Access Center provides parents and guardians with helpful information to support and guide their children through the educational process.

With Home Access Center, parents can access a convenient web portal to view their student’s test scores, attendance, assignments, discipline records, and more information available anywhere and at any time. Parents can even access school information from mobile devices using the eSchool Plus Family App. 

New to Geneva 304? Get started by self-registering for a Home Access Center (HAC) account.

You can register for an HAC Account after your student is enrolled in the School District.  To start the registration process for HAC, follow the instructions below.

Note: Every family needs to sign up for an HAC account after successfully enrolling their student(s). The account you created to enroll your student(s) in Geneva 304 does not work with HAC.  

Registering for Your HAC Account

Click on Home Access Center quick link on the homepage, under the rotating banner.

The HAC Login window will appear.

How to register for Home Access Center

2.  Click on the text “Click Here to Register for HAC.”

The HAC User Registration window will appear.

Home Access Center User Registration Window

3.  Enter the Requested Information in the required fields and Click on the Register button.

The following message will Appear from Home Access directing you to your email account to complete your registration with an Access Code.
Example of Thank You for Registering window.

Getting Your Access Code

1.  Go to your email account and Open the email from [email protected].

You will receive an email with a link and Access Code:
Example of Getting Your Access Code Email

2.  Copy the Access Code shown at the bottom of your email.  <Ctrl> + <C> Then paste your Access Code into the Access Code field.

3.  Click on the Register Here link in your email.
You will go to the Welcome to Home Access Center window.
Where to Paste Access Code/Enter Birthdate
The Welcome to Home Access Center window appears.

4.  Paste the Access Code provided in your email into the Access Code field.

5.  Type your Student’s Birthday into the Student Birthdate field. 
     Format:   mmddyyyy

6.  Click on the Sign In button.

You will go to the My Account window.

Creating Your Password/Challenge Questions

There are two parts to this window:

  • User Name/Password Creation
  • Challenge Questions         
Example Window of Change Password/Enter Challenge Questions

Part 1 - Create Your Username and Password

You will need to create a User Name, New Password and then Confirm Your New Password

Create User Name/Password Window

1.  Type your Username in the User Name field. Rule: It can be almost anything you want. Here is a suggestion:  

Use Your Last Name and First Name 


(Last Name.First Name separated by a period)

2.  Type your New Password in the New Password field.
      Rule:  Between 8 to 35 Characters in Length

3.  Type your New Password again in the Confirm New Password field.

Part 2 - Create Your Two Challenge Questions

You will need to create Two Challenge Questions in case you forget your password.

Create Two Challenge Questions Window

1. Type  your First Challenge Question in the Question field.  Rule:  Remember to keep it simple. Here are suggestions:  Birthplace, Pet Name, Parent’s Middle Name
2.  Type the Answer to your First Challenge Question in the Answer field.
3.  Type your Second Challenge Question.  

4.  Type the Answer to your Second Challenge Question in the Answer field.

5.  Click  on the Complete Registration button in the bottom lefthand window

You will return to the Home Access Center Welcome window.

Updating Your Contact Phone/Email/Addresses

You can update your contact’s Phone Numbers and Email Addresses in the Demographics tab under Registration.  To get to Demographics, Click on the Registration icon at the top of the window.   

If you want to change your Contact Person(s) or your Address, please go to the steps listed at the bottom of this page.
Registration icon

Once you select Registration, the following window will appear:

Demographic Window

Changing Contacts Phone Numbers or Emails

1.  Click on the Edit button on the right side of the window.
The Update Select Contact Information windows opens.
Update Select Contact Information

2.  Type in any changes in an eMail field and/or Phone Number field.

Remember, you can only change Email Addresses and Phone Numbers.

3.  Click on the Save button  in the upper right corner of the Select Contact Information Window.

Save button

You will return back to the Demographics Tab window.

Demographics Window

Contact Person(s) or Address Changes

To add, remove, or update contacts for your student, please follow the steps outlined on "Updating Student Information via Home Access Center".

Schedule a Parent Teacher Conference with PTC Wizard

Parents can schedule a Parent Teacher Conference in HAC. Select the Home icon in the HAC Menu Bar to find the School Links tab to find the PTC Wizard link.

Home Icon

Select Home icon and the following window will appear:

Week View Window

Finding the PTC Wizard Link

1.  Click on the School Links tab.

 The PTC Wizard link will appear in the School Links list.

PTC Wizard Link

2.  Click on “PTC Wizard” in the School Links list.

The Add A Meeting window will appear.

Add A Meeting Window

3.  Click on the Add A Meeting bar.

4.  Please Choose the following items for your parent-teacher Conference: 
  • Click the conference date
  • Click your child’s teacher
  • Click the timeslot you wish to schedule 
You will receive an email confirmation from PTC Wizard.  This email will include a link for the conference.

Attending Your Scheduled Parent Teacher Conference

You have two options for attending a Parent-Teacher Conference:
  • Log into HAC and use the JOIN link in your conference schedule or
  • Use the JOIN link sent in the confirmation email you received

At your scheduled conference time, you will click the link to join. Please wait in the lobby until you receive permission from the teacher to join the virtual conference.


If you need password assistance, please contact HAC hotline at 630-463-3097 or send an email to [email protected].

Email A Teacher

Sending an email to your student's teacher is easy in the Home Access Center.  Select the Home icon in the HAC Menu bar.
Icon for Home Button
The Week View window will appear with your student's Schedule, Grades and Teacher Names.
HAC Week View Window
Underneath each course listed you will see a teacher name.  These teacher names are links to create an email.

1.  Click on a teacher's name.

 An email window will appear with your teacher's email address preloaded.
HAC email window example
2.  Type and Send an email to your student's teacher.

HAC How-To Instructions

Email and Mobile Notifications About Your Student's Performance

You can receive emails and mobile alerts about your student's Attendance, Course Averages and Classwork by activating your alerts in your HAC Account.

Finding Alerts

1.  Click on your name in the Upper Right Corner in the HAC window.
Parent Name Link
 This Pop-up window will appear.
2.  Select "My Alerts."
The My Alerts Window will appear.
Alerts Window

3.  Determine which Alert Types you are interested:  
     Attendance, Course Average and Coursework.
4.  Determine if you want Email, Mobile Push or Both.
5.  Click on the boxes for the Alerts you wish to receive.
6.  Determine if you want to select Above or 
     Below notifications.
7.  Type in the % amount for when you want to receive 
     a notification.

Attendance View

Parent's can view their student's Attendance History in HAC.  Select the Attendance icon in the HAC Menu Bar.

Attendance Icon
Once you select the Attendance icon, the Month View window will appear:

Month View Window

1.  Click on the << or >> icons to move between months.
2.  The Color Legend explains the reason for any 

Please reach out directly to your student's school if you have a question about a specific reported absence on your student's HAC Attendance View.

eSchoolPlus Family App

eSchoolPlus Family App

Now you can access school information from mobile devices using the eSchoolPLUS Family app. Use the app to view attendance, classwork, class and activity calendar events, fees, and student grades. Also, send email to a teacher by tapping the teacher's name. 


Where to get the eSchoolPlus Family App for Free:

• For iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, use App Store.

• For Android devices, use Google Play Store app.

• For Kindle Fire and Fire phones, use Amazon App Store.

• The app is supported on: iOS 7.1+ (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)


Click here for detailed instructions. 

Forgot Your User Name and/or Password

HAC gives your the ability to find your Username if your forget it or reset your Password.

Starting Steps to Reset Your Password

1.  Click Here to get to the Home Access Welcome Window.

    The Home Access Welcome window will appear:

Home Access Center Welcome Window

2.  Click on the "Forgot My Username or Password" above 
      the Sign In button.

      The Forgot User Name of Password window will appear:

Forgot Your User Name and Password Window

3.  Click on the radio button for the Username or 
      Email Address that you wish to use to reset 
      your information.

4.  Enter your Username or Email Address in the 
     appropriate field.

5.  Click on the Submit button.

You will receive a message in the window asking you to check your email for information resetting your Password.

If you do not receive an email from [email protected] in your Inbox or Junk file, please contact the Home Access Center Help Desk.  

You can email [email protected] or call 630-463-3097.

Checking Your Email Account for Reset Password Instructions

1.  Go to your Email account and find the Email from 

      The following Email should be in your account:

Email Example with Link to Reset HAC Password

2.  Click on the "Reset your Home Access Center Password" 
      link in the email.

      The Challenge Questions Window will appear with the 
      questions you created:

Challenge Questions Window

3.  Type the appropriate answers into each Answer field.

4.  Click on the Continue button.
      The My Account windows appears with the Change 
      Password fields.

Change Password Window


If you only needed your Username, you can find it in the Username field.   (The Username IS NOT modifiable – you cannot change it.)  Close this window and return to the HAC Welcome window to log in if you only needed to remember your Username.  

Changing Your Password

1.  Type your Password in the New Password field.
      Password Rule:  Must be between 8 to 35 Characters 
      in Length

2.  Tab to the Confirm New Password field.

3.  Type your Password again in the Confirm New Password 

4.  Click on the Continue to Home Access Center button.

Congratulations!  You can now login with your Username and New Password.

Understanding Grades/Percentages in HAC

Screen Print of Home Screen and Classes Screen
Progress Reports Screen

HAC User Rights and Responsibilities


User Expectations

Geneva CUSD 304 manages student information 
electronically and uses a secure internet site to enable
electronic access to student information. We will make 
certain student education records are available for 
viewing only to authorize guardians via the secure 
internet connection. All guardians will comply with the
internet use regulations and all technology 
regulations/procedures, as well as all other District 
policies that may apply. Geneva CUSD 304 supports 
access by guardians, teachers, and administrators to 
informational resources that will improve  participation 
in a child’s education and improve communication 
between students,guardians and the students’ teachers.
Rights and Responsibilities
HAC access is a free service offered to all current 
guardians and students of Geneva CUSD 304. 
Guardians and staff must understand and practice 
proper and ethical use. Only after a family has enrolled 
their high school/middle school child(ren) in Geneva 
CUSD 304 will a guardian be authorized to activate a 
HAC account. Once a student withdraws or graduates
from Geneva CUSD 304, HAC access will be 
inactivated for that student’s parents.
Information Accuracy Responsibilities
Information accuracy is the joint responsibility 
between schools, guardians, and students. 
School personnel will make every attempt to 
ensure information is accurate and complete. 
If a guardian discovers any inaccurate demographic 
information, they should notify Geneva CUSD 
304 by email [email protected] and 
provide proof of the inaccurate information.
Information Accessible
Geneva CUSD 304 reserves the right to add, modify, or delete functions in the HAC at any time without notice.
Guardians are required to adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Guardians will act in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner.
  • Guardians will not attempt to harm or destroy the schools' or the district’s data or networks.
  • Guardians will not attempt to access information or any account assigned to another user.
  • Guardians will not use this internet site for any illegal activity, including violation of Federal and State law. Anyone found to be in violation of these laws would be subject to civil and/or criminal prosecution.
  • Users who identify a security problem within the HAC must notify the home access center support line immediately by calling (630)463-3097 or by email [email protected].
  • Guardians shall not share their password with anyone, including their own child(ren).
  • Guardians identified as an internet security risk will be denied access to the site.

Security Features

  • Access is made available with a secure internet site.
  • The student’s account will be disabled when the student withdraws, graduates or is expelled from Geneva CUSD 304.
  • he guardian account will be disabled when their last child(ren) has withdrawn, been expelled or graduated from Geneva CUSD 304, or a court action denies the guardian access to the student’s information.
System Requirements and HAC Support
  • Geneva CUSD 304 is not responsible to recommend or approve computer system requirements necessary to access the HAC.
  • Geneva CUSD 304 is not responsible to provide technical support for computer systems accessing the HAC, the HAC itself beyond user account issues, or any other issue related to the use of the HAC.
  • Geneva CUSD 304 is not responsible to provide any means, including but not limited to a computer system and/or internet access, by which any guardian may access the HAC.
  • Guardians can find support information on Geneva CUSD 304 Home Access Center login screen.
  • Guardians should not contact the school building for support. The school building is not able to deliver support for the HAC.
Limitation of School District Liability
  • Geneva CUSD 304 will use reasonable measures to protect student information from unauthorized access. Geneva CUSD 304 will not be responsible for legal or financial obligations arising through unauthorized use of the District's system or internet. Geneva CUSD 304 does not promise any particular level or method of access to the internet site for viewing student information.
  • Geneva CUSD 304 will not be responsible for actions taken by the guardian that would cause compromise of their student information.
  • Geneva CUSD 304 reserves the right to limit or terminate HAC access for any reason without notice. All guardians requesting a HAC account consent to electronic monitoring and understand that all activity is electronically recorded.

Help Desk Support

Home Access Help Desk - Support

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with Home Access Center, you can always reach out to the Home Access Help Desk for assistance by phone or email.


HAC Help Desk Hours

7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Monday thru Friday

Closed Holidays


HAC Help Desk Phone Number



HAC Email Address

Please include the following information:

Student’s Name

ID Number

Reason for your Call/Email

Moving Between Students in HAC

Every family has one (1) Home Access Account for the entire family.  HAC makes it easy to move between your students within your account.  Just follow the steps below.

How to Move Between Your Students

1.  Log into your Home Access Account.

The Home window will appear
Home Window of Home Access Center

2.  Click on the Down Arrow next to your Student’s Name in the upper right-hand corner.

The Choose Your Student window will appear.Choose Your Student Window
3.  Click on the radio button next to the student you want to view.

4.  Click on the Submit button.

The Home window for your Second Student will appear.Window for Second Student in HAC

You can now easily move between each student’s information.

Viewing a Progress Report, Report Card or Transcript

You can view the following information under Grades:

  • IPR (Interim Progress Report)
  • Report Card
  • Transcript (High School Students Only)

To get to any of these Tabs, just click on the Grades icon at the top of the window.

Grades icon

One you select the Grades icon, the following Interim Progress Report will appear:

Interim Progress Report (IPR) Window

Viewing an IPR, Report Card or Transcript

1.  Click on the Tab for the Grade Report you wish to view

Remember, only High School students will have a transcript.
Tabs for IPR, Report Card and Transcript

Monitoring Student Growth 

Home Access Center is a great tool to supplement your efforts at ensuring your student's academic growth, but it is not a replacement for checking your student’s planner and/or talking with your child about assignments and grades. If you feel your child may be having difficulty in school, please contact the teacher or counselor.


Grades and Assignments 

Please note that assignments will be graded and recorded in a reasonable amount of time. Major projects and papers require a longer timeline for grading. Questions about your child’s grades should be directed to your student and then individual teacher.

Grades shown in Home Access Center may not reflect your child’s final report card grade until all scores are verified and posted by the school office.

Quick View vs. Full View of Grades/Coursework

Parents can view their student’s Grades/Coursework at a high level or more detailed level.  Weighted and Percentage information is shown under Full View.  You need select the Classes icon in the HAC Menu Bar to see Grades/Coursework.

Classes icon
Once you select Classes, the following window will appear:
Quick View window of student's grades/courseworkThis is a Quick View of student grades/coursework.

Switching Between Quick View and Full View

HAC gives parents the ability to view their student’s coursework and grades in greater detail.

  1. Click on the Quick View or Full View button in the upper right-hand corner of the window to move between coursework/grades details.

Adjusting Email and Mobile Alerts

Parents can also adjust their notification settings for eMail and Mobile Alerts on the Classwork window.

  1. Check or Uncheck  Email or Mobile Alert Boxes to Start or Stop notifications.
  2. Type new Percentages (%) in Above or Below fields.
  3. Click on the Refresh View button to save changes.

Access Your Student's Schedule

HAC gives you the ability to view your student’s schedule.


To get to your student’s schedule, click on the Classes icon at the top of the window.

Classes Icon

A window will appear will your student’s coursework listed by class.  Near the top will be two tabs on the left-hand side of the window.

Tabs for Classwork and Schedule

Viewing a Schedule

1.  Click on the Schedule tab.

Your student’s schedule will appear.
Student Schedule Window

Emailing a Teacher

If you have any questions or concerns, you can easily send an email to your student’s teacher.

1.  Click on the desired teacher’s name.

An email window will open.
Email Example Window2.  Compose and Send your email.

Returning Student Verification (Annual)

Every year, Parents/Guardians need to update their student’s information for the next school year.  The Enrollment Verification Form contains the following demographic information for guardians to update:

  • Student Information
  • Address and Phone
  • Contact Information
    1. Guardians
    2. Emergency Contacts
  • Additional Information
    1. Including Health Survey Questions
    2. Transportation Needs
To complete the process, perform the steps outlined on "Updating Student Information via Home Access Center".

HAC Help Desk Support

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with Home Access Center, you can always reach out to the Home Access Help Desk for assistance by phone or email.
HAC Help Desk Hours
7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Closed holidays
HAC Help Desk Phone Number
HAC Email Address   
Please provide your Student’s Name, ID Number and the reason for your call or Email.

HAC Video Tour

Watch this brief video to learn how to get the most out of the Home Access Center.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security is important to everyone. Geneva CUSD 304 is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy as a user of the Home Access Center.