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HAC How to Update Student Information

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Updating Student Information via Home Access Center

Starting February, 2023 the district will be utilizing a new platform for online enrollment. This platform, PowerSchool Enrollment, will provide a more modern experience for families and include an improved document upload utility.

Please follow these instructions to update your student's information in Home Access Center: 
2. Click "Registration" and then click on "Update Enrollment
3. Click on the "Start" link next to "Returning Student Registration
4. Review and accept the terms of use.
5. Verify your student's birthdate. 
6. Review your student's current information and update applicable or required items by using the Next and Previous buttons to move through each section of the form.
  • Changes will save automatically as you make them. Can't finish the form at one time? No problem. Simply return to HAC at a later date by following steps 1 and 2. For step 3, click "Edit" to resume a previously started form.
  • To ensure current information, you may be required to provide information previously provided to the district. Some sections, such as Health, will request all items to be completed.
7. On the "Summary" section, verify that all required information has been completed.
  • If a section has been fully completed, a green circle with a check mark will appear under "Status".
  • Sections that are incomplete will show an invalid field count on a red background under "Status". To resolve, parents can click the specific section or click "Find Invalid Fields".
7. Click "Submit", once all items reflect a completed status.
For address changes, please review the required documents needed to verify residency.

Next Steps
An email notification will be sent to your email address when the form is submitted. Once the registrar reviews the form, additional email communication may be sent based on the information that was provided.

For additional information regarding Home Access Center, please visit the About HAC page.
If further documentation is required, additional information may be requested. If you need technical assistance, please contact us at [email protected] or 630-463-3097. For school-related questions, please contact the main office at your child's school.