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Internet Safety & Security


A primary responsibility of Geneva CUSD 304 is to keep students safe.  This responsibility extends to the digital world as well, especially as technology use continues to increase in support of learning and teaching. There are multiple ways that the District works to keep students safe while using technology.
Responsible Use = Safe Use: Educational use of the District's network/Internet resources is the No. 1 way to protect students from inappropriate content (see Acceptable Use of Technology in the school handbook).
What measures are in place to keep students safe while online?
  • We meet or exceed the requirements of the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
  • Educate students on how to use digital resources responsibly and safely (Digital Citizenship)
  • Internet filtering of inappropriate content
    • Level-appropriate sites and applications (Elementary, Middle, and High School).
    • Block drugs/alcohol, adult content, advertisements, and other harmful or inappropriate content.
    • Continuous evaluation based on feedback from teachers, administrators, and other staff.
  • Safe Search Enforcement
    • Many search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.), including YouTube, offer a safe search mode.  Where available, the District enforces safe search to further limit inappropriate content.
  • Advanced Threat Detections
  • Management and monitoring software is in place for classroom-level use by Teachers when students are at school
  • Application Whitelisting to restrict apps running on 1:1 student laptops 
  • Browser Restrictions: Preserve browsing history on student devices to improve visibility
  • Content filtering, safe search, and whitelisting are the same regardless of the device's location (e.g. school, home, etc.)
Is there a way I can check to be sure my device or my student's device is connecting to the District's filter?
Yes. Please review the 1:1 Troubleshooting Guide topics related to "Global Protect" to verify that the software is working as expected. Special software is installed on all 1:1 devices to establish secure connections to the District's filter regardless of the device's location. When connected, all of the relevant measures described on this page will be applied. When disconnected, student devices should be configured to prevent all Internet access. If you are experiencing issues, please seek help via the online help desk or phone.

What can I do to troubleshoot or resolve issues with the 1:1 Device?
Please check out the District's 1:1 Troubleshooting Guide to find answers to some of the most common issues related to student devices. If you're still experiencing issues, please follow the steps to request help via the online help desk system or phone. These steps are outlined on the troubleshooting page.

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