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English Department
Geneva High School’s English Department’s goal is to develop students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. The development of these skills is achieved through a variety of literature (American Literature to World Literature) and a wide selection of electives that offer experience with many avenues of communication skills. The electives offered include World Literature, Speech, Creative Writing I and II, Critical Approaches to Film, Drama Workshop, Composition for Print/Web Media, Yearbook, TV Production Techniques, Broadcast Newswriting and Editing, TV Reporting and Editing, Advanced Broadcasting and TV Production of Documentaries and Sitcom.

Students also experience the detailed process of research, done at every grade level, in order to ensure each student can access, weigh the literary merit of, analyze, and synthesize the information acquired. This skill will equip students for a lifetime of not only finding trustworthy information, but to also understand and explain it to others.

The goal of our English department is to foster critical thinkers who use their literacy skills to make meaning of the varied texts that they encounter and to communicate the important themes through spoken and written word with the utmost effectiveness. 


Honors Summer Reading Information 2017
Nancy Rizzo, Department Chair

Chris Arnett

Brian Burns
Karna Chrusciel
Lori Dowd

Stephanie Fregly (ELL)

Kate Hertz

Jim Judson
Katie Koehler

Corinne Laird

Sarah Luedtke

Heather Peters

Phil Ralston

Sara Salvato

Jason Santo

Heather Temple

Paul Thill

Kim Torman

Monica Thurmond
Alexandra Waldie

Stephen Whitman