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Social Studies Department
The main focus of the Social Studies Department is to provide opportunities for students to become actively engaged in their surroundings. With an emphasis on global thinking and active citizenship, while providing opportunities for students to find their voice, the Social Studies Department has a variety of courses for students to find their passion.
Geneva High School requires a minimum of 2.5 credits in Social Studies which includes a World History course, a United States History course, and a Government course which also fulfills the Constitution Test requirement for graduation. Elective courses are available and students are highly encouraged to enroll in any of these courses, as most competitive universities recommend between 3 and 4 Social Studies credits for their enrollment.
The Social Studies Department offers a variety of extra-curricular activities:
  • Model United Nations
  • Capitol Forum
  • Local Government Day
  • Social Studies National Honors Society

Matt Hahn, Department Chair

Matt Bermes

Jason Bhatta

Mary Beth Blair

Janie Doutsos

Brian Ketter

Mary Keyzer

Sue Nagle

Gary Spratt

Katie Steely

Brad Wendell

Carla Wise

Jordan Zimberoff