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Physical Science Department
Science is as much a method of knowing as it is a body of knowledge. The Science Department at Geneva High School is dedicated to a laboratory approach to science education that will involve each student in the processes of scientific exploration.

The mission of the Science Department is to empower in each of our students, through experiencing the science curriculum, the ability to become effective problem solvers, communicators, collaborative/cooperative workers, and lifelong learners.

This will be accomplished by making students familiar with both the process (scientific method) and content (body of scientific knowledge) of science.

Students will learn how science operates within the context of the various scientific disciplines:
  • students will see science as a creative, human endeavor, not simply the accumulation of facts
  • students will understand and use appropriate lab technologies and procedures to explore and understand the world around them
  • students will understand how to critically evaluate, interpret and represent data 
  • students will learn how scientific problem solving techniques are useful in all areas of life
  • students will realize the importance of the relationship science has with people, cultures, technologies, and the environment

Kevin Gannon, Department Chair

Tom Anderson

Emma Cole

Cheryl Dispensa

Zach Evans

Fred Fortman

Jason Lesatz

Mary Limberis

Frank Martin

John Nickelson

Megan Owens

Peter Raak

Joe Schoen

Matt Slechta

Pat Sweeney

Rob Wicinski